Top 2020 News Stories out of Connecticut

Connecticut News

The year 2020 will go down the books as one of the craziest years in American history. Here is a look at the top Connecticut News in 2020.

Fotis Dulos accused of killing wife dies in hospital

In January 2020, police linked Dulos to the killing of his wife (Jenifer Dulos), who went missing amid divorce proceedings. But later the same month, Dulos died after a suicide attempt. It’s alleged that the 52-year old poisoned himself with carbon monoxide. The medics tried to revive the man, but he died two days later.

The case shifted to Dulos ex-girlfriend (Michelle Troconis) and Kent Mawhinney. But an attorney who was responsible for Dulo’s estate requested the court to declare Jenifer dead. Kent was released on bond while Michelle remained on GPS monitoring. As at the time of reporting this Connecticut news, the body of Jennifer had not been found.

COVID-19 hits Connecticut

On 8th March 2020, the first coronavirus case was reported in Connecticut. Based on the reports that hit Connecticut news desks, there were more than 5000 deaths by the end of the year. Also, businesses reported huge losses due to the effects of the pandemic. The total confirmed cases stood at 160,000 by Dec 2020.

Yimi Moncada murderer

Man kills his children in Norwalk and commits suicide

In March 2020, the street residents woke up to the screams of a woman after she discovered bodies of dead children and a man. According to the police, this was a case of murder-suicide. The 27-year old man was identified as Yimi Moncada, who killed himself and two children in a garage.

At around 7.30 am, the police found the bodies of Jesus (4) and Gisselle (5) following a call from a concerned family member. It’s believed that the children were staying with the father over the weekend before he committed the heinous act. The two children were in kindergarten at Rowayton Elementary School.

The leaders asked the entire community to pray for the children who had to go through such an act. Other reports that hit Connecticut news houses is that counselors would be available for any person who needs support. The district also emphasized that they would come up with a way to celebrate the lives of the little children.

Kristie Reda, who lived close to home stated that it was horrible to deal with such a situation, especially with quarantine in place. At the time of writing, Norwalk police Bureau could not confirm why the father committed the act.

Seven women charged with Victoria Secret scheme

In October seven women were charged for planning a theft scheme in Victoria’s Secret. According to Connecticut news released to media houses, the seven planned to steal thousands of dollars between February and October 2019. After that, they returned the items without the original receipt. With such a return method, the suspect could get gift cards and benefit from the value of the stolen item. The names of the women were:

  • Tamijah Hunter
  • Shamonique Mackey
  • Daijah Fagan
  • Imani Aitcheson
  • Shanice Jackson
  • Leonna Jones

It’s alleged that the women used the cards so that the amount could be charged to the debit card of the conspirator. Then, the women would return the full merchandise to recover the full amount.

The authorities told Connecticut news houses that L Brands suffered a loss of more than $100,000. Each of the women was charged with a conspiracy to commit fraud that attracts a penalty of a term not exceeding 20 years.

A wedding goes viral after Ex accused husband of cheating

In September, a new couple got married in the Museum of Contemporary Art – but they didn’t expect that this arrangement could hit Connecticut news headlines. According to the news published in New York Times, Robert and Lauren met in 2017 and later decided to tie a knot three years later.

They moved in together after their first date and later got engaged in 2018. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding could not be planned for 2020. Luckily, a friend organized the museum space for the ceremony.

On 2nd August, the guests arrived at the Museum, and the two got married. But what got the attention of Connecticut news reporters is the fact that the couple had a unique connection despite being in different situations.

Millian had two kids, but there was no word on Palmer’s marital status. Then, it was later revealed that Robert Palmer had previously been married.

Later Nikyta Moreno (ex-wife) stated that she learned that her husband was cheating after Palmer made the wedding announcement. She even claimed she got to know about the news after several friends reached out about it.

According to Connecticut news that reached the Times, Lauren and Rob started the relationship in 2017, when Moreno was still engaged to the husband. And based on the information that Moreno gave Connecticut news reporters, she got married to Palmer in a civil relationship in 2015. More interestingly, they had even planned for a bigger ceremony in 2017 but never came to be.

This was the time Moreno realized that all was not well. And even after confronting the husband that he was cheating on him, he never answered. After the wedding announcement, the story went viral and that’s how it caught the attention of Connecticut news reporters. Although Moreno was not aware that there was a wedding in sight, she congratulated the two and wished Nikyta the best.

John Oliver and Danbury Feud

In 2020, John Oliver put the city of Danbury, Connecticut on blast. Most Connecticut media houses stated that this was the most hilarious feud of 2020. It started when Mayor Boughton retaliated that they were going to name sewage `John Oliver memorial Sewer Plant’.

This was ironic because the late-night host comedian (John Oliver) unleashed his take on Danbury. He further stated that he had a grudge against the charming town. And this is what garnered the attention of residents in Connecticut. So, where did the rivalry came from?

It’s believed the rivalry came after John challenged the mayors on the time they needed to build facilities in their cities.

After retaliating his disdain for the city, he stated that he’d offer the city $55,000 if they name the sewage after him. In his response, the mayor said he’d name the sewer after John if he would be physically in Danbury when he cuts the ribbon. In another interview with one of the top Connecticut news houses, John stated he’s a comedian who makes such kinds of jokes. And that he had nothing personal about Danbury, Connecticut.

Election 2020

In November, Connecticut democrats did a good job at US house races. For instance, in Harford Connecticut, the incumbent US representatives maintained their positions. Keep in mind, Connecticut has never sent any democrat to congress in more than 10 years.

According to Connecticut news reporters, there was an aggressive challenge between the democrats and republicans. Even Rosa DeLauro, the longest-serving member of the Connecticut delegation gave the newcomer a good battle. It’s believed that Margaret Streicker used COVID-19 to lure the voters. He accused President Trump’s administration of lying to citizens about the seriousness of the virus.

What made the 2020 election unique is that the state changed the strict rules for voting by absentee ballots. But due to COVID-19 – this was acceptable. It’s estimated that before the polls were open, 28% of voters had already cast the ballots.

Based on the outcome of the general election, Joe Biden highlighted that democrats had expanded their seats in the general assembly.

Connecticut Governor Comments on learning

Connecticut Governor Comments on learning

Ned Lamont, Connecticut Governor expressed his concern in September about the opening of schools. But at the same time, there were fears of overcrowding as this would facilitate the transmission of the virus. This Connecticut news came amid concerns that schools should only open when it was perfectly safe to do so. But the governor retaliated that it would take time to get a vaccine, and that could lead to a lost year of education and children were also suffering in not being able to have school lunches. This was due to the cutbacks on equipment in food service.

Lamont further stated that every state was struggling to find ways of dealing with the pandemic. Some went for a hybrid plan while others opted for online classes. Based on the statistics released by the ministry of education, it was believed that Connecticut had a low infection rate, and this would be a green light to open schools.

But the governors’ remarks didn’t go without questions. Margret Brennan stated that more than 143,000 kids were affected by remote learning. However, she further said that they were doing everything possible to prevent the mishap from happening again.

A few days later, the Connecticut news that was gathered by reporters showed that the governor had a plan to buy chrome books to facilitate the process. He also promised an expanded Wi-Fi for teachers and students. Lamont further added that it required the supervision of the parents for the process to be successful.

The residents took the Connecticut news from a different angle, especially after Georgia High School recorded nine positive cases. And this was the time when images went viral showing students without masks.

Biden Attacked Trump for Shortchanging the National Guard Costs

In August 2020, Joe Biden expressed concerns after Trump cut back on federal funding. According to the Connecticut news bulletins, this came at a time when there were reports of revenue loss due to the manner in how trump was handling Covid-19 cases.

Biden stated that this was not the time for new fiscal burdens. Based on Connecticut news collected by reporters, Trump has directed all the federal government to cover the costs of the national relief guard. This affected states like:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Connecticut

A week before issuing the statement, Trump had directed that Florida and Texas be covered throughout the year. He further emphasized that all states would begin to kick in 25%. Biden was of the view that the 75/25 burden-sharing rule would put more pressure on the states amid the struggling economy.

Biden believed that the Connecticut news didn’t make sense because earlier on, Trump had announced that he’d deploy 25,000 troops for coronavirus response.

The governors for Florida and Texas appealed for 100% funding, but other states challenged the dispute. Others said that the president didn’t treat all the states equally. This brought interest from other parties like:

  • National Governors association
  • FEMA
  • Defense department
  • Officials from statehouse

The Whitehouse spokesman encouraged governors to send a demand signal why the funds are needed. Later, the National Governors Association agreed on 100% funding until the end of the year. Biden also challenged the president to guard all the territories with National Guard Troops. He further added that the country was experiencing a national crisis and it needed a strategy.

Marijuana legalization

In October five states including, Connecticut was poised to legalize marijuana. According to Connecticut news journalists, the lawmakers were busy talking about criminal justice reforms. Besides, the religious leaders had interfered with the process before. There was another problem of taxes on how to find a common ground.

This political turmoil came after democrat governors stated that they had reached an agreement on how to legalize marijuana. Some of the states that had spent months squabbling over legislation include:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut

Richard Gottfried, New York Assembly Health Committee Chairman from Manhattan said there was a lot that needed to be done before legalization. This Connecticut news came in when only one state (Illinois) had passed the legislation. And the reason why the process has become much messier is that every lawmaker has an option to weigh on it.

Finally, the governors came up with guiding principles. They also pledged to limit the licenses and level the market across the region.

The lawmakers who support the move gave a thumbs up to governors who showed efforts in legalizing Marijuana. According to CDC, there were concerns about the vaping crisis that had affected over 2000 people. They also agreed on a broad framework that they should follow to reach specific goals.

Veterans Hospital Blast

In November, two workers were placing a steam pipe before the explosion occurred at Veterans Affairs Hospital. The incident injured three men and killed two others. This was a profoundly sad day for Connecticut residents amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of the release of this Connecticut news, the victim bodies had not been identified. A member of the senate affair committee requested the authorities to conduct a conclusive investigation.