Best Grills

type of grill to buy

Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting on a deck with a backyard meal or a fish bar and just eating outside your back door! However, cooking outdoors can be a hassle if you have no experience; so the best way to head off mistakes such as “not cooking in the right way” is to get yourself a grill.

There are all kinds of grills to choose from, but first you have to decide if you will take on the task yourself or hire a professional.

Ideally, the best time is early in the week on a work day so the kids can school for 45 minutes, but if you’re scrambling to get ready for a vacation, expect things to run a little more smoothly

The most expensive and popular kind of grill in the past is the charcoal grill; it can cook up to a pound of meat at one time and that’s including the grill! There are many types of grands that you can choose from which all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Electric Grills

Electric grills can help you forget about the backyard, because unlike charcoal, all you need to heat the grill is a small 100-watt electric element that uses under $15 a month in electricity.

However, electric grills can start out expensive – between $250 and $500 or more – and maintain that range on an ongoing basis, which is why you are best off with a charcoal grill if you plan on regular use.

Plastic Grills

Plastic grills are light and portable and are about 30% less costly than stainless steel. However, they are much slower to heat up as compared to stainless, and if they are not built well, may fly off the table in a storm which make them not great at Waterproofing, and are not really a good addition to outdoor cooking since they only produce charcoal while in use.

Cast Iron Grills

Cast iron grills are sturdy, strong, and have a long lifespan. If they are properly made, they do give out a bit of heat, but because they are so sturdy, they avoid flying off the table. The downside of these is rusting over time, and it is a pain taking off the grill and putting it away during the rainy months.

Wrought Iron Grills

These are sturdy grills that resist rusting and give the finest looking outs. These are expensive, with prices starting at $2500. You can buy one used for less or get one free if you know where to look. They will last forever if done right, but if not, you will be eating on a w leverage pit most of the time.

As you can see, there are many options out there when it comes to outdoor grills. The one you choose depends on your needs and tastes of course! When deciding on which grill to buy, ask yourself a few questions:

• Do I cook with it often?• Do I have enough space for it?• Can I afford it?• Does it fit with my décor?• Will it ultimately be repaired?

Once you’ve getting down to the nitty-gritty of actually buying one, you will probably want to figure out to install it. If this is something you want to do yourself, there are a few things you should know. Most home improvement stores sell grill grates, but the parts of the grill are very hard to get. Finding someone who is experienced with heating grills is the recommendation for a good reference here.

Once you buy your grill grates, you will probably have to take them in for maintenance twice a year: once in the summer, and again in the fall. Make sure you check the quality of both parts, grill plates and lava rock, and make sure your first grill was nice and sturdy. Even if you keep the grill clean, grills can sometimes get loose and fall. Most built in grills also require cleaning, which could very well be an additional expense.

There are several different types of outdoor grills out there. Some have a burner for heating, a coil for cooking the meat, a pan to catch the grease juices, a basket to hold the meat, and perhaps a notch for an optional cherry, but overall, the basic grill is just a grill with a tray to store the food. It is up to personal preference as to the type of grill you buy.

The basics are quite easy to operate. Bring your food outside, set the burner to medium-high heat, add a few dabs of grease and move in! If your grill comes with a raised pan, consider how big your family is going to be. Those who cook frequently will want one with great cooks in it. For those who are the occasional cook, you may want a smaller grill. This is something you will likely have to personally judge, however, as the cost also varies widely.