Top 2020 News Stories out of Texas

texas news of 2020

We can’t deny the fact that 2020 spawned unforgettable stories – a year that none of us is likely to forget. In this post, we’ll look at the big Texas news stories that garnered the most attention.

The tragic death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant

The year 2020 started on a sad note after the death of former Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter. According to the county sheriff’s department, seven other people died in the crash. It’s no surprise the tragic death headlined Texas News desks – Bryant won Oscar in 2018. He also won Gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.

Any basketball fan will tell you that Bryant was an influential player in the 1990s and ranked astronomical figures throughout his 20-year career. He will be remembered for inspiring other players to perform to the best of their ability.


On 15th March 2020, the first death was recorded in Texas. A 77-year old man died after developing signs of flu – although it was not clear whether it was COVID or not. According to medics, he was suffering from pneumonia. But a few days later, he died. After that, the government ordered all residents to be tested for Coronavirus, and four cases were found.

The other Texas news stories related to COVID was the closing of bars, nightclubs, taverns, and restaurants in Dallas Country. In addition to that, all restaurants were ordered to offer pick-up only instead of dine-in service.

The same month, the other Texas News Stories was about the emergency declaration of gatherings of no more than 50 people in a single space. On 20th March, the government ordered the closure of schools and gyms. Two days later, the state ordered residents not to leave their homes. They could only leave to get essential supplies and perform tasks that are essential to their safety.

Desmond Jones sentenced to 99 years

The sentencing of Jones was a key Texas news headlines in 2020. He killed a 13-year old girl after a drug deal went bad. Four other people were charged but not with murder. The court found him guilty and sentenced him to life for organizing criminal activity.

During the sentencing, a member of the family of Randle’s (the deceased), gave a tearful testimony of how life has been since the murder.

Jone’s sister also gave a testimony that the brother was not evil. Tensions escalated in the courtroom after Jones told the sister that it doesn’t matter anymore. He was later taken to custody and could watch the rest of the punishment in the cell.

And after a short break, no further witnesses were called, and the attorneys gave their closing remarks. The defense attorney asked the jury to consider 20 years, but the prosecutor convinced the court to a life sentence.

In an interview, Persley (Randle’s mother) said three more people should face charges for her kidnapping and untimely death.

Aggressive Passenger Arrested at DFW Airport

On Feb 14th, a passenger was arrested after he swung at a police officer. The saga became big Texas headlines taking into consideration that DFW key Airport. A man was spotted smoking at the customer service counter and was asked to put it out. Unfortunately, he punched the American Airlines employee. He also tried to hit an officer before he was taken into custody.

Witnesses said that several people tried to calm the man down. The passenger dropped the cigarette in a cup of water and started pulling the hair of the customer service agent. That was not all – aggressive passenger tried to reach to a police officer’s gun. But four other passengers jumped and tried to hold the man down. This man the wrong choice and had to face the consequences.

Shots at Fort Worth Park with 600 People

On 20th May 2020, the shooting of two people at Village Creek Park in Fort Worth made headlines of Texas News. About 600 people were crowded in the park before the shooting occurred. The officials said the shooting happened at around 6.30 pm. Two injuries were critical, and the rest were minor.

Before the incident became top Texas news, witnesses said that they heard gunshots at the center of the park. Then, there was a chaotic scene of people running. At the time when the sound of gunfire run out, the police arrived at the scene with a land cruiser.

Still, there was no clear explanation of why the social distance rules were not followed. And 30 minutes later, there was another shooting at a convenience store. The Texas news headlines continued for a month.

The Leaning Tower of Dallas

TheLeaning Tower of Dallas (former Affiliated Computer Services Building) didn’t collapse after denotation.

Interestingly, the floors surrounding the core collapsed, but the elevator stands and stairways remained intact without any type of hot stick testing.

For two weeks, hundreds of people used to come and take photographs of the iconic remnant gone awry. According to the contractor, the demolition of the building was supposed to take four days. But it ended taking weeks before the building was brought to the ground – it’s a sign of brilliant engineering. It’s no wonder the Tower because of part of Texas news in 2020.

Mother Fatally Shoots 8-Year Old Daughter

The shooting of an 8-year old daughter was the biggest Texas news in May. It’s believed that the woman committed the heinous act before taking her own life.

The 35-year old mother was in her home with her two children. They had a confrontation with her husband before she started to open fire. The SWAT police officers surrounded her home, but the 12-year old boy managed to escape.

According to SWAT, the standoff continued for a couple of hours. The woman opened fire, but the officers retreated. Later, they managed to enter the residence and found the woman and the 8-year old in a pool of blood. From the look of things, it appeared as a murder-suicide.

Four officers fired after the death of George Floyd

Floyd died while being restrained by police officers. In the many days that followed, this became the top Texas News. And after watching how Floyd died, the North Texas police chief said that the police went beyond their mandate. The video circulated online showing a police officer kneeling on a cuffed man’s neck even after pleading that he could not breathe.

After the FBI investigation, the officer failed to respond in the most basic sense. He said the man matched the description of a forgery store suspect. Unfortunately, Floyd was identified as a security officer who worked in a restaurant.

Some witnesses gathered around to record the scene with their phones. According to the owner of the restaurant, Floyd was a good man, and the co-workers loved him.

These Texas news continued for a while and encouraged demonstrations that `Black lives matter’. And after the autopsy report, it was clear that Floyd died as a result of a chokehold. The investigations continued to verify whether the officers verified the rights of Floyd.

Protestors Loot Businesses in Downtown and Deep Ellum

Following the death of Floyd, protestors looted lots of businesses in downtown Texas. But what made the looting make the top headlines is a video that circulated online showing people running out of businesses with items.

As the protestors walked downtown Texas, they smashed windows. The police had to disperse the crowd by setting off tear gas.

Kelly Clarkson files divorce

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been a power couple for a while. In early June, the couple became part of Texas news headlines after details emerge that they wanted to divorce. After speaking to E-News, Kelly confirmed that she was ready to file for a divorce after seven years.

Since 2013, the couple has supported each other professionally, so the news came out as a shock. Since the two got together, they have not been able to hide the passion they have for each other. After the divorce news, Kelly has remained adamant to comment on the matter.

Shooting at Galleria Dallas Mall

According to the police, the shooting happened after a shooting occurred between two people who knew each other. Before the Texas news hit the headlines, the police had stated that this was not an active shooter situation.

After hearing the gunshots, some witnesses run. One of the shoppers was held inside for 30 minutes before the police arrived. It was clear that most people were traumatized after the incident. The injured man was later taken to hospital.

The remains of a soldier found in Central Texas

On 30th June, the remains of the missing soldier were found in Texas. According to a family lawyer, two suspects were connected to her disappearance.

The report that reached most Texas news desks stated that the soldier went missing in April at Fort Hood. The army also stated that one suspect who was a soldier committed suicide. The other was a civilian.

The officer who tried to make contact with the alleged suspect found that he had already committed suicide. According to the lawyer, the missing soldier was sexually assaulted before being murdered. Her remains were found after a reward of $50,000 was given by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

Missing body of mother and children found

On July 23rd, police officers launched an investigation after the body of a mother and daughter were found in a Ranch. According to reports that reached Texas News desks, the 31-year old woman and her daughters were last seen headed to a grapevine.

The investigators who traced Natalie’s cellphone found that their car was found on the 4300-block with the children inside. But at the time of the discovery, all three were dead. Amado worked nearby noticed a car parked on the lot but assumed it had a flat tire. The tragic death featured in Texas news headlines for a while.

A plant sends toxic plume in North Texas

In August, there was a massive fire at a facility in Grand Prairie. The health officials urged residents to stay indoors because the toxic plume can cause respiratory problems. It’s believed that a power line that hanged on the plant lead to the big fire. According to the assistant chief of operations, the fire spread throughout the storage area.

A rail car that supported the tower for electricity also exploded. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the incident. After several hours of battling with the fire, the fighters contained it in one location.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality insisted that nobody should seek medical attention unless they developed respiratory problems.

Rapper Mo3 Gunned Down On Highway

Perhaps the Texas news that shocked music fans is how Mo3 was being chased down the highway. According to police reports, the 28-year old Noble was attacked in broad daylight by a man with a dark-colored vehicle. The rapper stopped on the freeway, but the man walked towards his car with a gun.

The man chased Noble and fired a few shots before taking the perfect shot. He was pronounced dead a few hours later. Another person was also struck but didn’t sustain serious injuries. The police officers could not explain whether it was a targeted attack or just road rage. At the time of writing this Texas news, nobody had been arrested for the incident.

Serial killer Billy Chemirmir face more charges

Towards the end of 2020, police released reports that Billy Chemirmir faced more murder charges. He was accused of robbing a dozen women of their jewelry. Early December, he got more murder charges bringing the count to 17.

Chemirmir is now facing charges of deaths of 86-year old, 82-year old, and 92-year old. The three seniors were living in a complex in Dallas.

And just like the other cases, all women were suffocated with a pillow. The reports that reached Texas newsrooms showed that it was clear how he gained entry to the rooms. While most of the deaths were believed to be a natural death, the investigating team later realized there was foul play.

In 2018, Chemirmir attacked a woman and was later identified as a suspect. This led detectives to start an investigation of other victims. Most Texas news desks stated that the three women who lived on the fourth floor of the famous Tradition Preston wood died within three months.

The Great Conjunction – An astronomical event

A few days to the end of 2020, a rare Christmas star was spotted – something that hasn’t happened for nearly 800 years. Both Jupiter and Saturn appeared as two bright points in the sky. They were too close and looked like one bright star. Even before the astronomical event hit Texas news headlines, families had an opportunity to look at the sky.