Top Nashville, TN News of 2020

Nashville, TN News

The year 2020 was no ordinary, and Nashville was no exception. From a crippling global pandemic to divisive elections. Here is a revisit to last year’s top headlines.

Abortion Restrictions

Nashville passed some of the restrictive abortion laws. And this was one of the priorities for Gov. Bill Lee. He addressed Nashville reporters and stated that every life is important. In June 2020, the lawmakers passed the bill. In the past, the abortion restriction had been challenged severally but gained a solid legal footing.

And this Nashville news came as a shock as democrats thought the senate would not take up the bill. With this bill, women would be required to get an ultrasound before they can procure an abortion.

Later, the American Civil Liberties Union released a statement to Nashville news desks stating that lack of abortion ruined the lives of those struggling financially. The union also stated that the bill affected:

  • People with limited income
  • People of color
  • Rural and young people
  • Those who face a significant barrier to healthcare

Corona Virus Pandemic

In March 2020, the government recommended social distancing. Also, the public health officials reported the first case of coronavirus pandemic. According to Nashville News reporters, a 73-year old man died as a result of the virus but had an underlying condition.

Within the same period, the Vanderbilt University Center isolated 20 health workers who tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later, Franklin State declared a state of emergency. But to prevent further spread of the virus, Mayor Ken Moore asked those returning from spring break to self-isolate. Apart from that, the Andrew Jackson Hermitage canceled events like:

  • Dog days
  • Vintage Baseball
  • Mother’s Day teas
  • Yoga
  • Easter egg hunts

The other report that hit Nashville headlines is that lawmakers approved $39 billion to combat the pandemic. And within a few days, Nashville closed restaurants for dining. The Sheriff’s office also gave a directive – the officers were required to issue citations instead of making arrests. In another response to combat COVID-19, the Nashville sheriff released inmates to reduce the spread of the infection.

As coronavirus cases recorded a new high, Tennessee looked for ways to double ventilator supply.

Deadly Tornadoes

Early March 2020, at least 20 people died after Tornadoes crossed the state. At a press conference hosted by Nashville news reporters, Governor Bill lee stated that the deaths were recorded in four counties including the state capital. Extensive damage was reported and many people went missing.

During this period, thousands of residents went without power. However, all the polling stations were given a backup generator. Even when all seemed impossible, the government did everything possible to ensure folks went out to vote.

The National Weather Service told Nashville news reporters that they were inspecting the damage to determine the severity of the tornados. There was also a risk of flooding in some parts of the city.

Racial Injustice

Just like in other states, thousands of Americans gathered in Nashville to protest against the death of George Floyd. They were demanding systemic racism and policing. Based on reports released by Nashville news reporters, Floyd’s killing has spurred protests against police brutality.

The residents gave their grievances after a handcuffed man died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. This shocking death prompted members of Mount Gilead Missionary Church and Harpeth Hill Church of Christ to talk about racial injustice. But keeping in mind that all this happened in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, people had face masks as they demonstrated.

Before closing the discussions, the residents gave solutions to Nashville news reporters and advocated the police to wear body cameras.

Hagerty Wins Senate

In November, the Republican candidate Bill Hagerty won the senate seat in Tennessee with landslide votes. This was after President Trump endorsed him against Marquita Brand Show. After the declaration was made, Bill addressed Nashville news reporters and highlighted that the president was happy with the results. He also emphasized that Tennesseans had made their choice and mentioned that socialism has no place in America.

But these were not just any other Nashville news – since 1994, the seat has been in the hands of the republicans. It’s worth mentioning that Hagerty was the commissioner of the former Republican governor and a member of a board in a private investment firm. He also served as a presidential advisor to Mitt Romney.

Even before the campaigns took off, president Trump had declared that he would back Hagerty for the seat.

Nicholas Sutton sentenced to death

In February, the Tennessee justice system was put on test following the declaration of a death sentence. Sutton was sentenced to death in 1986 but was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And he had no idea how the condition had ravaged his body.

Nicholas got sentenced after the jury proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he killed his grandmother in 1979. And it was also clear that the convict was responsible for two more other deaths. In 1985, he was taken to a correctional facility and sentenced to death.

In 2011, a psychologist released a statement to the jury that Nick was abused by his father and his life became a living hell. According to Nashville news headlines, his father held Nicholas hostage at gunpoint.

In his descent, a six circuit judge noted that Nick’s lawyer didn’t present evidence of a traumatic childhood. As days grew closer, the governor had not given his views on the matter. After speaking to Nashville news reporters, Sutton’s attorney emphasized that his life had an immense value.

Nicolas was supposed to be executed in 2015, but some legal issues surrounded the execution protocol. Any inmate who was sentenced to death before 1999 would choose an electric chair or lethal injection – Nicholas chose electrocution.

Based on a cemetery petition that reached Nashville news desks, Nicholas had expressed remorse for the acts he had committed, and he was a changed man. But one prison employee had credited Nicholas for his exemplary behavior. He had saved people’s lives by:

  • Saving lives by protecting the officials
  • Alerting authorities
  • Escorting officials from fights

This story was highlighted amid four other inmates who were scheduled to die. Before COVID-19 hit, the appellate judges ruled that the trial court judge ruling was based on the evidence presented to the jury.

Pilot Convictions Tossed Restored

Towards the end of 2020, most Nashville bulletins reported that Nashville federal prosecutors were looking to restore a case that involved a pilot and two employees. It was alleged that they cheated a Nashville Demolition Contractor millions of dollars.

The petition was asking a US Circuit court to reconsider the ruling. Nashville news reported that a sentence of 12.5 years was not enough. And that’s why the panel ordered the case to be sent to a new judge. At a previous trial, Hazelwood criticized the board of directors but later apologized for the language.

After prosecutors reviewed the story and it was concluded that such remarks would affect the success of the company.

Alexander Impeachment Spotlight

Former U.S Senator Lamar Alexander came to the spotlight after pushing for a vote to impeach President Trump. But the question was whether to call for witnesses or not. In one end, the influential GOP senators who took the front line were:

  • Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

According to the information that was featured in Nashville news reports, majority leader Mitch McConnell was making the case while other GOP leaders were on Trump’s defense. The former security advisor would insist on getting a witness of their own.

Other Nashville news reported by Politico stated that McConnell was receptive about a meeting that was attended by Mike Lee, John Cornyn (Tex.), and Lindsey O. Graham. One of the officials said Cruz had talked about an idea that had been brought up by GOP senators. The push by Cruz showed how the republicans were working towards balancing the party.

For many weeks, the democrats had asked the former administration to testify how Donald Trump had withheld the military aid. At the time of writing this Nashville news, two parties had shown their willingness to support the impeachment process.

Nevertheless, Romney had maintained he was determined to criticize Trump for:

  • Opposing a nominee from the former administration
  • Criticizing Trump on trade
  • Leading the charge against the member of Federal Reserve board

Other Nashville news that was captured by the media stated that Romney was the loudest critic of the president Trump administration. This news was unprecedented as Romney was a close ally of President Trump.

School Vouchers

In June 2020, Tennessee Governor refused to launch school vouchers after a supreme court declined the matter. During a legal battle on taxpayer funding, Gov. Lee could not launch the program as it was earlier planned. Following a year of the most contentious battle, rapid-fire development refused to halt the two battles.

But the news that was featured in most Nashville news bulletins this is was the most contentious education battle in recent history. Earlier, the five-member court had issued a statement asking the justices to come on board. And since the governor was still committed to funding the program, its effect would come into effect in 2021.

In 2019, Nashville news desks highlighted the issue after the court’s refusal. The governor challenged the courts to help parents make educated choices for their kids. In another statement, Gov. Lee stated that more than 2000 children would benefit from the program. He emphasized respect for the court’s decision and was committed to giving children a better educational fit.

The state attorney quickly appealed the decision, but the time of reporting the matter was pending hearing.

Nashville bomber blew himself Up

During the Christmas season, a man who had targeted Nashville blew himself up. When addressing Nashville media houses, the Chief of police the man blew himself up during the explosion. But at the time of gathering reports, they were not aware of the motive of the bomber. Nevertheless, the police managed to get DNA samples and linked to an incident to Anthony Quinn Warner.

However, he emphasized that Nashville was safe and there was no threat to the city. The investigating authority could not identify the motive. After his identity was uncovered, it was clear that the man had some experience in electronics.

It was also determined that he had a home and a backyard. And according to the pictures captured on Google maps, a similar explosion was recorded in 2019. During the same period, a man named Warner was being pursued by the police. The other news that was highlighted in Nashville news bulletins is were pieces of evidence.

In the latest incidence, an RV was spotted and what followed next was a few shots in the air. Then, black smoke could be seen at the heart of downtown. After that, you could see doors and windows. The officials said they were relying on several theories that the A&T building was also a potential target.

A few steps from where the bombing took place, the tourists had accumulated the sidewalks. Thankfully, the officers had knocked on several doors to warn people to evacuate.

The medium home sales reach a new high

The year 2020 saw people leaving Illinois, California, and New York and getting to Nashville. Based on Nashville released by the National Housing Report, the price of a home in the city reached $339,000 – the highest in history.

According to Jeff (a broker at the Ashton Group of RE), a low-interest rate was a clear reflection of the demand and supply in the market.

To understand the data, you should pay attention to what happened between 2016 and 2020. Most investors were of the view that the home prices would go up for the next few years.

However, those homeowners who talked to Nashville news reporters stated that this was bad news if you’re looking to downsize. But even if the prices were up, affordability was a factor. Towards the end of 2020, the mortgage rate stood at 3%. And those who could not lock-in something had to deal with the harsh reality – the interest rates would go up, which affects affordability. As a prudent investor, you should aware of the curves (peaks and valleys).

Metro Council Supports Transportation Plan

The Nashville council announced that there were plans to pump $1.6 billion on transportation. Some of the improvements would be:

  • Improve mobility infrastructure
  • Expanding bus services
  • Improving sidewalks, bikeways, and greenways

The mayor told Nashville news reporters that there were plans to get additional funds to boost the transportation industry.