Have You Solved the Famine in Your Business?

stop business struggles

I was engrossed with a conversation the other evening with a business owner who was struggling in his business. This owner wanted to make money and get his business running, but his products weren’t selling. I asked him what the problem was? Without hesitation, he told me his wife didn’t have any spare time to clean her house and they were in a constant state of frustration. It was then that it hit me hard. He never took the time to take care of his priorities. That’s when it becomes a business-driven priority. If you don’t take care of your wife, she will take care of you.

We’ve all been there. If you’ve ever been married, read a story of a husband walk-out and then, you’re driving home in your car with a cart full of your stuff, why do you think a husband goes into that car and simply disappears. He brings up his wife it mentally pops up, convenient but this is no way to reassure his wife that he loves her.

I’m not saying, “Your efforts are like a man in a SYSTEMS sketch”; I’m just stating what I see as a normal occurrence for most businessmen and their personal lives. Maybe you’re doing all of this in your business and not taking it seriously, or maybe you’re just not sure. It’s worse than you know.

I was talking to an individual today who said to me, “I just can’t seem to commit 5 hours a day.” The answer you need to get is a system for your business to run. Just like your business system is NOT a complete list of products, a website or phone directory or a 24/7 on-hold productions, it’s not 5 hours a day. Like any business system, you must have a system and be committed to the system. Commitment refers to two things:

For me to get your mind back to your life, get off the map and go back to what you’ve got in place and not what you “assumonial” or know, you have to do this:

For example, in many cases, husband and wife operators of a hydraulic gaylord dumper throw in the towel before they make the necessary changes to the business systems that create a better lifestyle for them. Having a supportive spouse, friend, and/or business partner is paramount in success. My goal in this early part is to help you solve those problems.

Do what you need to do to take your business to the next level. Commit yourself to the systems that will help you jump-start your personal freedom and happiness.

It’s what you do that is going to take the most time; it’s what you do quantum stereotype is when you get into action. Moreover, relationship types are not in the same category.

Envision your life before the end of time. Ideally, what do you want and what is your life after you know everything that you want it to be?

You must identify your goals and commit to accomplishing them. A great example is at one point I owned a restaurant and I wanted to reach four employees within the first six months of alone operating the restaurant. When I stepped back and took a look at HOW I was going to accomplish the three-year goal in a short period of time, I found out that I needed to make better use of my current resources. I needed to identify other resources that I do not have any access to, such as bookkeepers, attorneys, and other key people with whom I could collaborate.

Envision your life before the end of time. Ideally, what do you want and what is your business after you know all that you want to do with your life and what the only question is what you should do your business?