Top California News of 2021

Top California News of 2021

After a year of struggling economy, California is slowly coming back to its former glory. Here is the top California news of 2021 including, politics, sports, and entertainment.

California governor gears on reaching 2 million signatures

The latest California news shows that the state has surpassed the set 1.5 million signatures to recall Gavin Newsom. But all these signatures must be verified. As the governor gears up for the recall, the critics say they have already filed the challenge.

The recall campaign said that they have already collected over 2.1 signatures. This campaign is spearheaded by Orrin Heatlie (Republican former sheriff’s deputy). If the petition signatures are validated, California is likely to hold a recall election this year.

After this California news was shared, many democrats have signaled they could be running for the state’s top office. A few Republicans have also shown interest in the position like:

  • Kevin Faulconer
  • John Cox
  • Mike Cernovich

California vaccine eligibility lags behind

So far, California has administered more than two million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. But taking into consideration the population, it’s a fraction of the demand.

According to the information that reached the news desks, more than half the population is eligible for the vaccine. However, the health sector focuses on healthcare workers, educators, and adults above 65 years. Another key focus is essential workers in public transit, the food industry, and people living in homeless shelters.

While addressing California news reporters, the governor said his target is to ensure the vaccine reaches all people by May 2021. He announced after President Biden said that the administration of the vaccine will be available nationwide.

A piece of California road collapses into the ocean

The Department of Transportation released a statement to California news reporters that stated a section of the road had fallen into the ocean. It’s believed that the segment was eroded due to a poor drainage system. After the huge gap in the scenic highway was discovered, the repairs started.

The emergency contractors confirmed that both lanes were affected. At the time this California news was released, it was not clear how long the repair would take. The section that collapsed is about a kilometer to Burn Scar – an area that was ravaged by wildfire in 2020.

The governor also gave a declaration that forced an evacuation of thousands of residents. In 2021, about 25 structures have been destroyed by mudslides in northern California.

Children rescued from capsized boat

Earlier this year, 12 children were rescued off the coast of California. After the accident, The Santa Cruz City Fire Department was deployed in the area to help with the rescue mission. But before the team arrived, the children were assisted by the nearby swimmers and surfers.

According to reports that reached California news headlines, all children had their life jackets on.

Gorilla with Covid-19 put on medication

In January 2021, a gorilla was suspected to have Covid-19 and later put on medication after antibody therapy. This case happened in San Diego Zoo Safari Park and is believed to be the first case among such primates.

Other California news that has been circulation suggested that western lowland gorillas are believed to be infected by a rare strain of Coronavirus. The common symptoms showed by the gorilla included:

  • Congestion
  • Intermittent therapy
  • Mild coughing

The silverback was given antibiotics and heart medications. In a statement released to California new reporters by Diego zoo Safari Park, the gorilla was responding well to treatment. But what is surprising is the fact that the zoo was part of California locked down. This would help curb the spread of coronavirus cases.

There are also plans to vaccinate gorillas and other species that may be susceptible to the infection. The San Diego Zoo Global also asked scientists to research how the virus affects apes. Of course, gorillas share about 80% of their DNA with humans and are susceptible to the coronavirus.

A man survives seven days on a snowy mountain road

In February, the California news that headlined most bulletins showed a man who was hemmed in deep snow when traversing a mountain road. He survived in the isolated Sierra Nevada region. He had embarked in a 60-mile drive only to get lost in the unplowed county road.

In a statement released by Sierra County Sheriff’s office, Harland Earls survived with a camper shell, propane heater, winter clothes, and food.

Earls got lost after visiting his friends and decided to take another route. He followed Interstate 80, only to realize that it was not plowed in the winter. His truck got stuck and was covered by snow.

Since Earls could not reach home, the family members started a search. The next day, the rescue team started an air search with California Project Management. But Earls had tried to place the phone at a place with moderate network reception. Later, he was spotted and rescued.

It’s worth noting that in 2018, about 50 trucks got stuck in the area. Unfortunately, people follow their GPS blindly. And sometimes, the apps can redirect people to mountains and other risky situations.

Cause of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash established

In mid-February, the US officials told California news reporters that the cause of the Kobe helicopter crash was about to be established.

In 2020, Bryant was involved in a deadly helicopter crash that claimed nine lives. According to the information that reached California news reporters, there was a lot of finger-pointing on what caused the tragedy.

Mr. Bryant’s widow blamed the pilot while others blamed the weather. By the time this California news was being released, the investigating authority had stated that it was about to announce what killed the basketball star.

Bryant was in the company of his daughter before flowing to a youth basketball tournament. According to the report from the control center, the pilot flew through the thick clouds before finally plunging into the hills blow. What followed next was flames on the wreckage.

In a report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, there were no signs of a mechanical failure. But what came out from the initial investigations is that the helicopter didn’t have a Terrain Awareness and Warning System – it’s a mandatory requirement for helicopters.

A surgeon makes a court appearance while operating

An American surgeon attended a court virtually while operating on a patient. The judge termed the act as inappropriate, and what followed next was an investigation. At one point, some blood was spotted on the operating gloves, and the session had to be called off.

Dr. Green is a reputable surgeon in Granite Bay California but the act made people react online. But the Board President for the Association of Medical Ethics told California news reporters that the incident was dangerous and unethical.

Former NFL star jailed for 14 years

On 3rd March, the San Diego County district attorney’s office addressed California news reporters that the former NFL player was sentenced to 14 years. The jury was convinced that Winslow was accused of raping several victims. And after the testimonies, it was concluded that the NFL star was a sex offender.

In June 2019, the court found the player guilty of lewd conduct involving two women. But other charges included:

  • Two counts of forcible rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Sodomy
  • Forcible oral copulation
  • Elderly abuse

According to a video released in the courtroom proceedings, the former player was acquitted of the second charge. But before the plea, Winslow had been tried for other charges that amounted to 16 years in prison.

Winslow was arrested in 2018 but later released on a $2 million cash bail. However, the judge revoked the bail.

In a statement released to CNN news reporters, Winslow’s attorney said the plea was part of the agreement. Keep in mind the former player spent four years in different teams like:

  • Cleveland Browns
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A substitute teacher has given a $34,000 surprise by a former student

Jose Villarruel from Fontana, a substitute teacher living in a car was given $34,000 by a man who made a difference in his life. He surprised the teacher during his birthday, and at a time he was struggling to make ends meet.

When addressing California news reporters, Mr. Villarruel said that he had lived in a car for eight years. But when the pandemic started, the need for substitute teachers went away. He said he decided to live in a car to support his extended family that was living in Mexico.

Mr. Nava (a former student) was heading to work after he spotted a man at a parking lot in a nearby senior center. After the day’s activities, he realized a man who looked familiar. And after a few flashbacks, he identified him as a former teacher.

But after learning that Mr. Villarruel was living in a deplorable condition, he offered him the only money he had in his pocket. What followed next was a TikTok video that helped to raise more than $34,000.

It was a way of giving the substitute teacher a token of appreciation to help him get back to his feet. This act became part of California news headlines for a couple of days.

A family sues California prison system

A family of a man who did of COVID-19 sued the California prison system because it failed to take precautions while transferring prisoners between facilities.

The attorney representing the family of the deceased filed a lawsuit against the California department of corrections. In an interview with California news reporters, the attorney stated that the prison officials acted in deliberate indifference and didn’t take the necessary precautions to handle the coronavirus issue.

It’s believed that Ruiz (61) contracted the virus shortly after the transfer and that is what led to his death. A medical report showed the father of six died from covid-19, which triggered the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. But what was surprising to the family is that the family learned of the condition a few days before his death.

This California news came at a time when the department of health had raised a red flag on how people were transported to correctional facilities where social distancing was not possible.

It’s estimated that nearly 50,000 people in California had contracted the virus, so adequate measures should be put in place. The family is yet to obtain justice for their family member.

The man who started Fire at Oakland Ghost Ship Warehouse sentenced

Perhaps, this is the latest California news that hit headlines earlier in 2021. After research, the man behind the heinous act was identified as Derick Almena and finally sentenced to 12 years in jail. The fire broke in 2016 and claimed 36 lives.

However, Derick Almena was put on house arrest, and because of the coronavirus concerns, he may not be put in prison any time soon.

This sentence marked an end to a case that devastated the local underground arts. The Ghostship inferno remains one of the deadliest fires in US history. After years of investigation, Almena was found guilty. He lived in the warehouse with his family but ignored all fire safety codes.

On the night of the tragedy, Almena is believed to have knowingly put dozens of people into a fiery deathtrap. According to the prosecutor, the victims didn’t get a warning to escape. Among those who did include:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Photographers
  • Artists

In 2019, the jury had acquitted Almena’s right-hand man but could not reach a verdict on the charges. As the investigations continued, Almena was found guilty of 36 counts of manslaughter. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years.

While speaking with California news reporters, the relatives of those killed asked the prosecutor to reject the plea.

A study shows California wildfires could be more harmful than vehicle emissions

According to a recent study, the researchers found that wildfires cause respiratory illness more than any other type of pollution. Also, A Stanford researcher emphasized that wildfire smokes triggers stroke and heart attack. This California news was aired at a time when the state was coming at the heels after the worst wildfire fuel by climate change.

The research was conducted over 14 years. However, pollution has been declining in recent years due to strict environmental regulations. In southern California’s Riverside, farm workers struggle to breathe due to pesticide-laden smog.