Strategic Planning – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

what is Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, as many of you will know is all about creating a scalable business. specifying your business idea to:”We Earnt This Money and I Want a Perfect Life”, is a big step for any business. This is no different with a solopreneur. Without a plan (or business strategy) you are no better off then being ONE OF THE masses. This is a big word for a few.

I often see businesses without a secondary plan when business is just starting out. They have no idea who are and what they are doing. If you stop and have a deep look at a bull, where it`s charging, it is usually in the most relaxed state (the tail), then it is in NOT very creative state of mind when it is charging. This is no different for start-ups, the more creativity is needed in you business the more your business will be fine-tuned and more profitable.

I believe that there are five key questions for creating you business strategic plan:1. WHO are you going to be?2. WHAT do you want to be evaluated?3. WHAT actions will not cause you to fall off the lines of acceptability?4. WHAT will you Be doing in the next 90 minutes for growth?5. WHO is your customer? How are you going to approach them to be more successful?

Now if you are in a business environment such as interior design Philadelphia (or just starting a business) you could possibly have off the cuff answers to all these questions. Still all best practices from my experience is reflected before and after this planning process in the business plan so you make the decisions as you are going.

The first piece is what are you going to be evaluated?Know who your audience is you way? It is so true at each step in the process.If you are not asked to answer this you might not be there as a table tennis coach.

So lets answer the 5 questions

Question 1: WHO are you going to be?You cannot pay attention to people it is really important question.

Answer is that you are conducting meticulous research and determining who your target market is stepped by step.Who are the people you are going to be able to help and how will you be a resources to them?

Question 2: WHAT do you want to be evaluated?How much and the more detailed the better.What are you going to be offering? If you are still doing this by yourself you will be asking yourself why you want to be able to help them be more successful.If you are working with anybody you are doing this exercise.

Question 3: WHAT actions will not cause you to fall off the line of acceptability?You will not be successful if you are not doing the things that will help you be in front of more people.That means you need to know your target market and you need to know what will turn up more profit for you.

Question 4: What will you be doing in the next 90 minutes for growth?This is critical. 90 minutes is how long it takes for you to get your mind geared up to what needs to happen. So you need to understand your target market and how you can help them with this planning. resourcefulness becomes key.

Question 5: WHO is your customer?Again, you will possibly refer to different target markets but what you are really getting about is entrepreneurs who will implement your plan to achieving where ever they are.As a result you need to get clear on who your potential ideal customer is. So you will be able to have an interest level in who they are. That to me is to be the beginning of your business plan: whos who are you ideal customer is your starting point.