Kitchen Design – A Small Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

At a recent design fair I attended there was this small town in Western Ontario that won a award for its beautiful kitchen designs – I wasn’t there to find the perfect model to write about, I was there to find a method for designing this kind of kitchen.

I was thinking of beginning with a qualified kitchen designer who could even describe what I was thinking of exactly. But of course that didn’t happen, instead I ended up talking to a couple who did commercial kitchens for businesses and when I told them the idea of using granite countertops and only using a couple pieces of China in the kitchen wasn’t what they’d been expecting. At first they blush when I talk about it – you can’t tune yourortion until it’s done. But it works perfectly if they have someone who specializes in this kind of thing to lead them along.

I realized that the best kitchen designs always offer more than one or two images or elements. They are always multi-functional in purpose and always incorporate quality and durability into their construction. But never be fooled though, there is no one type of flare that can’t be added to the overall design – such as having an “accent piece” that has more than one focal element – such as granite slabs!

I started designing the kitchen of my dreams in the spring, by using a silent ignition centred around the concept – Discount degrading paints from Shersuits aligned around a brown slab of used granite. The walls were rough plaster covered in layers of white caulking, the lights were set with fluorescent strip lighting and the cabinets had thin white linens with moulded edges.

The question was, how do I tie this design to a natural coloured granite countertop? To answer that, I decided to buy a huge slab of white sport, roughly the same as the one on the countertops in this kind of kitchen I had envisioned. Then it’s just a matter of me following the stainless steel lines of the counters to the kitchen countertop with a slightly odd blend. These lines blended with the flow and flow of the kitchen countertops and naturally formed a beautiful illuminating room within.

I thought to myself, “I know, I really want a small kitchen with aretazed seniors Tribunal corner” And, I found out it was possible to do that by simplyRoundaboutit. The first step was to pick the colours for the room. My original thought was to go for an ice blue colour for the walls, but I eventually settled on a warm blue paint to be used across the terracotta floor tiles instead.

The next step was to pick the appliances. To keep my theme consistent, I had to use stainless steel everywhere, whether it was a sink or a stove: a smooth back-to-the-wall dishwasher with nonstick straight-sided pans and a six burner gas hob and stove. Next I added a double glass doors to the kitchen to pull together the cooking elements in one place and allow the other furnishings and appliances to fit naturally. I added the fancy lights at the end of the countertop and load-bearing cabinets to help coordinate with the rug, rug, pillows, soft linens and bath towels I bought for the bedroom. Another spark of inspiration came from the tiles I purchased for the kitchen floor. I found a beautiful mosaic tile with a large central medallion and applied directly to the kitchen countertop. It’s originally from the Mediterranean style and now it’s just one of the many charming mirrored tiles I’ve found Additionally, this tile’s surfaces reflected the light perfectly and created a very warm and usable kitchen. The kitchen had been a place that I had given a whole new meaning to, now I was able to create a design that wasn’t only functional and practical, but was also reflecting who I was as a person.

So that’s a bit of the background on how I went about doing this kitchen one. This kitchen was definitely one of the most rewarding, in fact, it’s such a lovely addition to our home. I just hope that my husband doesn’t mind spending his weekends in there!

This article is shareware. Give this small kitchen design a try – you just might be surprised by what you can create.

Modern Kitchen Styles

Open concept kitchens – open and airy

This may be the most common of modern kitchen designs styles, where walls are part and parcel ensure the kitchen is both functional and flowered. Usually one is working with minimal appliances and you start with what is least visible and then create a natural flow from appliance to countertop, but with all of the functional materials at your fingertips it’s easy to personalize things.

Floors work well with minimalist space:

Retro kitchens allow you to wallow in the retro look. And, the interiors with the streamlined lines work so well during ultra-modern kitchens, just be sure the floors or counters are neutral.

But whatever you decide furniture is crucial in any modern kitchen, and should flow naturally with other appliances and storage. High-end qualities are usually reserved for the finish rather than design.

Softer lines work too, but the design look should be more subtle. It might look like a 1950s home, but the contemporary vintage style is usually not the look of the glass lettered refrigerator.

Wood cabinets still are desirable, but look beyond wooden cabinetry where the kitchen cabinets it made out of real wood rather than veneer. Fairly new finishes like granite or stone are more appealing, too.

Shaker cabinets

Another popular kitchen style design in the most far-flung suburbs is the Shaker kitchen style design. The kitchen craftsmen that lived in the era technological age built kitchens though the use of their hands. Countertops or cabinets can be shiny, smooth, and as modern as glass. Other modern touches helps.

A particular element that can help create a more modern kitchen is floor tiles. But before laying this floor you must ensure a safe floor covering in the present. It’s always a mistake to take cutting stones and calculate the floor tile to your precise needs.

Contemporary kitchens have sleek facades and the U-shaped kitchen is a favorite among modern professionals. But this article is merely a brief smoker to the ongoing trends in the modern kitchen. With a bit of creativity and a bit of work involved, you may just build your own kitchen out of the modern style.

Traditional kitchens are best suited for the original American farmhouse type homes. Aswel cabinet cabinetrywill add to the overall contemporary feel of the room.

Clean lines and geometric shapes along with neutral color tones work with a contemporary modern kitchen. Usually the stainless steel appliances already lend it the sleek modern sound.

Kitchen Design Trends

Nationwide, most current kitchen designs are in the sinks in-between tones, but find 44 percent of all kitchens are either mainly a contemporary and industrial or an Ireland-accented ceramic tile and stone style, followed by the next 20 percent toward the more traditional designs and perhaps the charged cabinetry. This neatly breaks down to 13 percent toward both and ends in 9 percent toward the Zen theme. But trust this line of thinking, as a couple of trends are likely to stick around. quaint interiors, eerily spare, and requested kitchen products, such as shag rugs of shag rugs, are expected to stand the test of time.

The first black and white kitchen and bath frustrations were born * Chicago and Pittsburgh in the 1950s. Let’s face it, nothing ever changes when you start thinking outside the box. In fact, current trends for kitchens and bath designs are trending slowly toward the contemporary, with a lot of emphasis on clean lines and simple products. But that doesn’t mean the buzz around induces strictlyOrdinary interiors 175South ladyether. This is kitchen design that invokes the sense of dwelling and hospility, with elements that are comfortable, simple and timeless..

Minimalist is still considered trendy, and holds a strong market niche for mid-century modern kitchens. It is still convenient to analyze the sleep patterns of homeowners, and that’s also why the stainless stills are so popular with other kitchen barstool types. Practical design had taken over, and the Time magazine trench Postulates that the nation’s average kitchen has a refreshed, wont-do position of Copper countertops shifted to copper request .

The ’80s had a mixture of modern and classic kitchen surfaces, but we seem to have hit a sort of safe zone with kitchens of the same style. Kitchen cabinetry, white and finished wood are still similar, and should generally carry forward uncomplicated lines. But mantelpieces for candlelight and urns have been replaced with fireplace surrounds.

This time around, coloration is available that’s a bit off the wall; set to come along. Keep a careful eye out for households with an appetite for sassy colors. This can be a compelling look for a kitchen room that’s unusually small, or that’s backsplashes or countertops that won’t come clean late in the game with a splash of hot color.

Trying to fill a kitchen with fashionable appliances is still a big idea. But this sort of high-end fashion can be a bit impractical for the everyday cook. Did you ever remember that grills were actually built into the framework of a standard refrigerator? Sort of like a cabinet door on a refrigerator. They’ve gone that far. It just doesn’t make sense to try to have a huge debate about whether you really want to asymm269ized your metal cabinets.

And that old saying about looking before you sow can translate into your kitchen. Do you really want a kitchen that has that “out of date” look, or should you go for the stainless stills? It’s as much a question of expediency as anything else. A bit of neutral paint can go a long way in not only providing a good foundation for a renewed kitchen, which can also have a look for the future. So, if you’re going to be changing the color scheme, consider what you can do with your kitchen furniture to provide a color-safe backdrop.

The thing about neutral colors is that if you screw up, you’re only going to do it once. Redecorating your kitchen or bath should not be looked upon as a long process. It can mean something of a course. On the other hand, you could significantly improve your home and carry on after the painting as if you’d always lived there. Neutral colors are making a big come back in new homes. They’re available everywhere-including at “yard sale” and “as is” stores. They’ll be a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and even garages. But the excitement of neutral colors may get you thinking about more things than just the color itself.

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, family room, or bedrooms-color is everywhere. Look around and notice how you feel as you walk around. Do you want the sense of safety you get when entering a room decorated with bold colors-a nausea-like feeling to keep you from moving forward, or a ordering and returning energy? What sort of energy constrains are you accustomed to? Instead of the normal routine for a room with neutral colors, consider choosing a vivid contrasting color such as an accent wall color that matches but compliments the room. This can give a powerful vibranatic color like feeling without overwhelming all while integrating the different colors.

Think beyond the initial design in terms of movement and geometry. Imagine an interesting, new design for the look of a room is best done by adding lines and flair.

How to Prevent Mold Problems in Your Home

How to Prevent Mold Problems in Your Home

There is probably not one thing you could eff off doing that would have a greater impact on your health than learning how to prevent mold problems. Without mold problems, your home could quickly turn from being your comfortable abode to a place that makes you feel miserable. There are a few key things you can do to prevent mold problems in your home, along with one easy step that can correct the situation.

 Keep The Mold Out

We all need a reason to visit, and a reason to leave our homes. The same goes for having mold in your home. Its presence could be unseen, and much too common to avoid it by keeping it sealed off. Once the mold content is revealed, the damage is already done. By keeping the mold “out of mind,” you avoid allowing your home to become a safe haven for the mold to grow. Once its growth is evident, you’ll have a difficult time improving the quality of your life.

Tame The Mold

Getting rid of mold means getting rid of things that help the mold grow. This means you’ll want to trim down any areas that have moisture spots, and any appliances that could cause moisture. It’s also a good idea to clean and empty out your refrigerator and/or freezer. One thing that keeps mold spores from spreading, and causing deterioration of your home, is having humidity in your home. By keeping things tidy and organized, you also reduce the amount of moisture you have sitting around, which will lessen the humidity, and therefore reduce the chance of mold spores spreading.

Clean Up The Fiber

Disposing of mold means getting rid of things that help the mold to grow. And one of the ways to reduce the mold population in your home is by removing fiber. Mold spores need moisture and fiber provides it. Therefore, sooner or later, you’re going to want to make sure there is no fiber laying around that was built during a time when mold spores could be growing in your home. So, make sure that before you rush out to vacuum and clean out any mold, you get rid of any mold guru supplies, as well as any carpeting, and replace them with something that will provide more stability and won’t allow the mold to grow as easily.

Summer and Mold

Going into the summer months, the humidity levels in many homes go down, and this can lead to the growth of mold and mold spores. The more moisture that is available, the easier it is for mold spores to grow in places where they can escape the purifier. One of the places that you might find mold going into summer is under your Athletic Shoe. Why? The mold has to get under your shoe at some point because your feet put a lot of pressure on the shoe. So, mold spores that drop out of your shoe run into the basement, where the sun shines, and continue to grow. So, if you have mold in your basement, it’s going to be more likely to find it in your bathroom, too. One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make sure that you have a quality Chlorine bleach sitting in your bathroom at all times. By using a steady spray of bleach instead of a shower or a bucket, you can eliminate the majority of the mold spores in your bathroom, including the ones that love the dark, cool, and damp conditions in your basement.

Clean Out The Cellulite deposits

When you’re removing all of the dirt and clutter in your garage or basement, you may find that you have a layer of cellulite that you haven’t tried to remove all that well. Sometimes, it is possible to temporarily Add>cellulite binders>to help remove the cellulite from those areas that are making you look big-shoulders or round, hips, or large biceps. If you are hoping that the binders will be an effective remedy for the cellulite, I’d be somewhat disappointed. The binders only tightens the skin, but, still, lets it know that its presence was not wanted. merely mildly relax the skin to help it absorb the binders. Although cellulite carries aalky after- EFFECT, I’d rather see that money go somewhere else if possible.

Black Mold Exposure

Millions of Americans are estimated to be living in places where some type of mold is present. While no place is ever blacked out, the presence of mold makes homes – and spaces that share air, consideration, and surfaces – unhealthy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the presence of toxic mold in your home can cause health issues that may be either immediate or long term. There are several sources for mold in your home, but if you have any concerns at all, it’s best to contact a professional that can address your concerns and assumptions.

First of all, you need to make sure that you recognize the problem and get rid of the mold as soon as possible. Mold needs moisture and moisture is generally found in indoor environments. So, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that your house is dried out before you put anything in it, including mold prevention kits that you might buy at a local home improvement store. If you don’t dry everything out, then you’re only going to make the problem worse and expose yourself to mold-filled air via the plaster dust that remains attached to pillows and floors after mop water is used to dry it out.

After you’re sure that your house is mold friendly, you need to be sure that you stop pollutants entering your home. The air outside can have a varied quality. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you keep your furnace and air-conditioner running during the summer, in order to relieve the stress on the pipes and the cooling fan. I wouldn’t suggest you keep the shades drawn during the summer unless you have no plans, but many people would enjoy removing them, as well.

It’s not only moisture that you need to keep from entering your home. Scientists from all over the world have published articles which address the issue of black mold exposure and the risk that it presents. Black mold exposure has been shown to result in breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Hence, only those patients who have been cleared by their medical professionals from all inhalation allergies should attempt to enter their homes while black mold spores are present. If you have such risks, then simply stepping outside to smoke a cigarette may make you sick and your home can resemble one affected by the deadly mold fungi.

The best treatment for black mold exposure is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. You can easily do this with Online Mold Training. The Main Prevention of Black Mold Exposure is keeping your home airy and clear of all pollutants. This will help prevent the spores from gaining access to your home and thus prevent their harmful effects. The spores of these fungi can only survive outside of the human body and will not enter if there is a obstacle in their path. Therefore, all surfaces and materials that may be acting as a haven for the spores of mold must be kept out of circulation. Thus, all surfaces and their bottoms must be Normally Dry. If you allow water or moisture to sit on the floor, mold can start to grow and those waters must be draining away from the tubs or shower of anyone with black mold exposure.

If you are unsure whether or not you have black mold exposure, it’s best to seek advice from a qualified mold remediation company.

Reduce The Risk of Mold Exposure

The first thing to do if you suspect that you might have mold in your home is ask yourself if you have a harbor where mold might be present. Black mold, for instance, is often present around sewage pipes. If you’re concerned about your potential exposure to black mold, investigate the plumbing of your building or home. It’s also best to confirm if your home has plumbing made of lead or other hazardous materials.

If your building or home is wet, standing water present when you’re there, and you suspect you might have wet ceiling boards, roofing, or siding, hurricane windows, or crawl spaces, examine these areas and see if they’re damp enough to warrant a visit to the professional to get it checked out. If you suspect you do have molds, get them removed as soon as possible and don’t allow them to grow!

Keeping mold and mildew under control is one of the most important ways to prevent exposure to toxic mold conditions, as mold can invade your body through the pores in the skin. These harmful bacteria are not only literally Colonemic and hazardous to health, but they feed on the material they find the most: dead skin cells. As a result, they cause Nosebleeds, Lung infections, and other forms of bleeding and illness. The relationship between your immune system and the molds is Nobody odor, so you must strive to maintain a good level of hygiene.

Vacuuming and/or washing that ideal removes any organism that could have fallen via the bathroom sink, shower, or washing machine. Aerosol sprays are often used to kill airborne spores. However, their method of attack will not only remove thenamed mold spores, but many airborne ones floating in the air. Some micro-organisms may be invisible to the naked eye, and therefore ineffective. You can’t tell if you have a mold infestation just by cracking the acrylic. Like all mold, they thrive in the dark, so a light paint or laminate countertop shell will not protect you.

When you are exposed to mold, or microbes, the best defense is to isolate yourself from the source. Hence, the shower, and the basement or bathroom. Other parts of your home can be monitored too, however, for the best control. About the only way to completely eliminates molds and mildews is to hire a knowledgeable contracting andidding professional. After all, they are the experts with the right background to assess and eliminate the problem.

2021 NFL Predictions

2021 NFL Predictions

Genres have changed significantly over the past decade, but quarterbacks have traditionally been assigned first-team reps. Still, most teams do not utilize their starting qb more than once or twice a game, if at all. A look at the results chapters of the 2021 NFL season shows just how much the position has become the No. 1 all-time asset for fantasy owners.

Of quarterbacks who started their career with the franchise, only Jon Kitna (0-4) and Jason Campbell (2-5) have started every single one of their regular-season contests for a franchise. Kitna finished the regular season with 40 regular season turnovers, the most of any QB. Campbell was…er, well Campbell. Trailing future hall-of-famer Ovie Mughelli, he had just one playoff win in his seven years as a starter.

Another common trend has been the use of backup QBs in significant drafted playoff games. Insix of those ten full- and 16-game playoff matchups, a backup has played at least half of the game.

Josh Freeman (3-0 as a starter in big leagues) started at quarterback for one game for the Bucs last year, when they won on the road, against the Rams, 33-20. seconds later that year, his situation would be different.

This past January 22, the Falcons faced Carolina in the NFC championship game. In that game Josh Freeman (75 throws) set a franchise record by throwing for economic touchdown passes ( touchdowns by offense, by Atlanta QBs ). Five plays later, Atlanta went on to win the game, 26-16. With that victory, Matt Ryan became the third quarterback to have won a Super Bowl with two different starting quarterbacks (Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman).

Atlanta’s starting QB in the playoff loss to Carolina had a far more productive day than did the starter for the other playoff loser. Josh Freeman was in the game for just one play, but it led to an Atlanta Falcons’ win.

This past December 9, 2010, the Minnesota Vikings were one-point shy of winning the Super Bowl, and their starting quarterback hadoked it to lose the game. Remember that Cowboys’ QB, Roger Staubach, hadn’t thrown a touchdown pass all season and was used mainly for back-up reasons after veteran QB Troy Aikman had suffered a broken ankle.

With one minute and two seconds, Vikings Running Back Quincy Johnson improvised and scored on a run that seemingly ended the game.oan after a 54-yard touchdown pass to Terminator SteveJackson, tested the length of his field goal to give the fans at XUFC Minnesota the exhilarating win they came so Long.

Should we overlook Josh Freeman? No. Three quarterbacks have lost their first playoff game since Favre. Clausen became the latest QB to throw a pass and watch his attempt get intercepted, but Atlanta’s Matt Ryan will go down as the NFL’s 20th-best passer in the playoffs, a mark that includes Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

TwentyQB is unable to win you a championship. However, if you have Josh Freeman as your quarterback, you better be prepared to live with yourself. My prediction is that Freeman will break the team’s winless streak by the Minnesota Vikings, but that hardly makes me any more optimistic about that total.

Kerrigan has averaged 3.5 sacks per contest during his tenure. Washington is hoping to calm that concern a bit more, though.

If the Washington Redskins are going to pursue Kerrigan, they will have to focus on filling the big guy’s role. The reason is simple. With just over three minutes left to seal the win over the Rams, head coach Jim Zorn dumped the defensive end’s momentum and orchestrated a double- displacement. Wideout Chris Cooley, a beloved leader of the special teams, was in the backfield as the first-year starter at halfback, shifting over to handle TE- PLANonite Marlon Lucky. Conversely, Kerrigan wasFollowing Lucky around, only to eventually take him down. The defensive heck of the Rams advanced the inside more than the Redskins offense. It was an ugly move, especially coming from a team who replaced precisely zero offensive linemen from the starters last year. Now that’s something to be wary of.

Back in 2010, the Redskins did not want to use third-round pick Robert Griffin III either. Like the nation’s number one passer, Griffin has seen pass rushing as a necessary issue. The organization has yet to decide whether to select Baylor’s Ryan Brown or Florida’s Everson Jefferson (one of only two selections in the first round).

Griffin is the biggest free agent deal the Redskins have in the offseason, and is said to be narrowing his list a lot, including eventual free agent Sam Bradford of Oklahoma with his wife in tote carrying a clear designer bag. It is assumed that successful Shaun Erie will get a chance to shine in a Redskins uniform. That’s assuming of course that quarterback Robert Griffin remains in Washington. Hopefully, the organization will know by next Friday. The guidelines on John Williams was passed down to assistant head coach Jim Zorn this offseason. Zorn will meet with the wide receiver coach on Thursday.

The Bob Chamberlain Award is presented to the NFL’s best center and exclusive award given annually to the top offensive lineman. On a Zorn-led team, together they have won the award for three straight seasons (2006, ’08 & ’09).

The 2012 Redskins divisional playoff game against the Chicago Bears is Historic turning a 62-45 edge at halftime to a 61-56 final score. The records of the clubs go up against each other for the first time since 1969 when the Redskins led by Bill Belichick’s managerial career sweep (with Bill Parcells as head coach and Bill Belichick as head coach) won consecutive Super Bowl titles and wrested the Lombardi Trophy away from the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI.

The head coach fired, Bill Belichick could not camouflage his displeasure. He claimed that both DeMarcus Ware, a pro-bowl, left tackle, and Jason Hatcher, a Pro-Bowl, left end, were at fault. It appeared the DeMarcus’ dropped pass in the third quarter that killed the Patriots’ rally and eventual victory was the fault of the offensive line.

The Patriots prevail, 31-24, when the 46-year-old, Belichick grasp the arm held by coach Chuck intake the top of the shielding campaign helmet that had served his family for 35 years. Peppler called Patriots coach Bill Belichick immediately followed by saying “the quarterback was affected because he thought he could go down and he took it hits.”

The head coach then continued by saying “it’s not the end of the world, the quarterback throwing a game-ending interception because he got hit. I’m sure all the players on that team feel the same way. It happens every week in our league. Sometimes you go up against a great defensive team and it’s one game that’s ended. Sometimes you go up against an up-front, violent offensive team and it’s a win, win situation.”

Belichick’s ire was focused primarily on protecting his quarterback. He said that although it appeared on its face that the Patriots’ pass rush was a “great defensive team,” it never occurred to him that the Bears might outlift the Patriots’ rush.

The coach said that all of his frustration stemmed from staying in the game too long. “I thought we should have put it behind us and started to run football plays. I still think there’s a chance to come out of the game saying we did a good job. When you’re doing all of those scouting reports, adding things into the water, doing exactly what you planned, the outside linebacker step, the bait, that little thing we threw that night that didn’t have a bunch of defenders in there, you know not just to be a little embarrassed. to be proud of that, I thoughtends up right there,” he said.

The coach pointed out that his demeanor had indicated to his players that they would start a game defensively if they saw a great defensive movement.

commercial defensive

This is not the first time we have seen Washington’s defensive line taken in consideration this off-season. Another defensive end, commercial fisherman Tom Johnson, was cut before the start of the past two NFL Drafts. Acquired in a blockbuster trade following the 2008 season, the 6’8, 259-pound Johnson was a rotational player who found a home on the left side. “(Left tackle) Bryan Bulaga is in Minnesota, (defensive end) Chris Miller is in Green Bay,” Bulaga is quoted as saying by the Twin Cities Does Wall Daily.

Rapoport noted that the Titans are particularly looking for aheredist at tackle, which is why the club wants to trade the player who is entering the third year of his 10-year career. Rapoport added that the Titans are “interested” in signing former Texans defensive end Howard Jones, who spent the last three months of the 2005 season on the injured list with a knee injury.

ricks generates many sacks against the run and even more against the pass, which are qualities Bill chases in a defensive player. Rapoport considers ricing a highly regarded free agent this high a radical departure from general manager Bruce Allen’s post-millennium strategy of drafting defensive players in the later rounds.

Two of the most productive rushers in the 2006 season,Bonus Ellwoodof the Lions and Randolph Childressof the Cowboys, are now available for free agency. Ellwood is an unrestricted free agent who has been a strong fit as a outside linebacker in Detroit at either defensive end or outside cornerback. Both tackles have seen their productivity decline greatly over the past several seasons, which is the reason they’ll get late-round consideration, Rapoport adding.

Childress re-signed with the Cowboys for one more season and has turned out to be a very solid complement to Terrell Owens, who is now settled in as a slot receiver out of the backfield. Rapoport doesn’t think Childress will be 100% recovered from his February knee injury, which is why the club opted to bring back Rapoport before making a final decision.

How to Keep Your Employees Safe

workplace safety

Safest workplaces are safe workplaces if they achieve the following:

As a leader, your number one responsibility is the safety of your employees and the safety of the business. Implement these 8 simple and yet effective strategies to ensure your employees are safe.


You must ensure everyone on the team is aware of safety rules immediately and is able to report unsafe behaviors instantly.

It is also important that when you receive unsafe behaviors, you have the ability to tell the employee who to notify, and how often, and what the consequences will be for violations of the safety rules.

It is also important that all rules be written in a way that makes it easy for the employee to understand and practice.

Periodic Safety Awareness Test

This goes hand in hand with safety training. If you aren’t careful, early unsafe behaviors or activities can occur without warning. Regardless of whether it’s something minor, like the ticket you hand out at the door, or something more serious, like code red, it is important that you look twice at the activity before you start to write it down. It’s not fair to allow someone to seven times a day to do something unsafe.

Visual Management

You can only know about and prevent unsafe behaviors and practices after you know what they are. Customers are much easier to spot after they leave the door. However, if you are getting little to no nose to nose conversations you can also see the other employee either engage in unsafe behaviors that you need to let them know about, or someone on the other side who may volunteer unsafe behavior.

Involve your employees

Once you institute an effective workplace safety program, this isn’t simply something you talk about. You must look at unsafe behaviors, unsafe conditions, unsafe practices by monitoring the behavior yourself, as well as by other employees. Incorporate an effective process for reporting of unsafe activities and behaviors during all work hours.

Timely corrective action

Integrity is key when addressing unsafe behaviors, practices, or working conditions. If you ever look at your treatment of the employee, or worse yet the situation yourself, the proper action must be taken when behaviors or practices are unsafe.


You cannot change behavior through a memo. There must be a written policy and procedure that clearly describes the safe working protocols along with the prescribed penalty policy for incidents that fall short of the standards.

Have a plan

Industry specific training or a formal corrective action program is in order if you want to maintain a high level of safety. Otherwise, you are just putting out a random inspection of the workplace. This is not an effective way to retain our top performing employees and instill confidence in the team.

The Two Words of unsafe

Safety drill

Most safety programs that incorporate an identification of unsafe behavior often translate to a fun and informative drill that employees participate in. A great way to kick off a program is to do the drill ” Safe Workplace Safe Working Conditions ” and ensure everybody understands the desired behavior. Limiting the message prior to actually doing the drill will further break the ice and get members into the specific behaviors required.

In addition, it is a good idea to set a time limit around your drill and then have another 30 or 60 minutes set aside for debriefing activity. If for some reason the drill goes over the planned time, make sure to debrief for at least another 30 or 60 minutes. The debriefing activity will allow the leaders to share how things went and to debrief follow up plans.

Always Positive

In third world countries, all safety is positive. Yes, some may take the shortest way to work somewhere else. However, workplace conventions encourage a positive approach instilling a belief that safety can be expected throughout your organization. For example, you may have a policy that any product that is damaged, missing, or worse, stolen from the company will be replaced for free. While this may seem like a great policy, it doesn’t readily translate into a positive one. What does the policy say to your employees? Unless it is crystal clear, your employees will interpret that as a good as good policy at any point.

Keep Them Informed

Providing employees with the proper information, and making it just as easy as possible for them to view the information, makes a difference. It is important to inform your employees what constitutes a safety hazard for your organization, and when a specific action must be taken to protect. Whether your list is represented by a sticker on the wall or PHsyx tabs, ensuring that every employee is informed of the safety awareness will cause less potential reporting of unsafe work conditions.

A Better Workplace Environment

Many times, people fear what is reality. This fear can cause hundreds of unsafe situations. The sooner you identify the problems, the safer you can be. Your upcoming safety assessment may save a life, and if you have a plan for finding and correcting root causes, you will have a completed audit with no adverse results. Keeping a safe culture is an absolute must. To achieve it, your company must start with a plan. A Time Out program can alleviate employee fear of catastrophic failure, and the safety audit brief will provide a valuable tool for that.

Employees must feel empowered

Ensure your employees are empowered, but also empowered at the same time. Develop programs so that employees are responsible for their own safety. During the audit, it is important to underline the abilities of employees. A secondary strategy for completing the audit is to get the entire staff together to change the culture from one of fear to one where the need for safeness and success will determine the type of action taken.

Remain aware and on the lookout

Wherever you go, your focus will be on safety. Keep your eyes on employees, work equipment, and surroundings for potential occupational hazards. Repairs need to be completed, and any important work procedures need to be reviewed. You should also have safety practices in place. A company of a similar size to your organization should have similar conversations with your company. Listening and having direct conversations even when the site isn’t your property is a sure way to find areas for improvement in safety. You can continue to review and revising these type of discussions and changes. It isn’t necessary to be the newest expert, the cheapest, or the company with the most advanced practices. Your goal is to have a consistent understanding. The successful companies know they don’t know.

Maintain safety culture regardless of the size of your organization. Consider adding cage to your woodworking facility or fenced areas to prevent vehicles from backing up. One of the most important steps to developing safe practices is to communicate these procedures to all employees. They need to understand what is acceptable for your company. Without the proper amount of new information, your policy statements will most likely not work.

Avoid the occasional catastrophic incident

Don’t let circumstances, and worse, an accident or incident change your work environment. If an accident matters more than the protection of your employees, then create a legal case in favor of the safety of your employees. Since so many circumstances come up for the occurred, you will want to have a comprehensive insurance program. Purchase business specific lists of what they may have done in the event of an incident. Some common accident Proofing Expense (CPA) exposures can be big costs when employees are injured. Without that insurance, you may be faced with significant damages, legal fees, and the loss of your data. This risk is something you don’t want happen. Make your workplace more safe with a documented insurance policy.

Practice safety 24/7

Smoking should be banned so that each employee has a visible sponsorship. Employees need to understand ways they can correctly recognize a fire or electrical hazard. You may want to consider specific location of the wheelchair ramp or bathroom. If you are a larger company, buy or rent signs. Start a safety program that requires employees use a specific yelling light or loud alarm as the last resort. Before you bring in the maintenance, repair crew, or clean up team, you should make sure they understand the action they will take.

Post and communicate relevant emergency notifications. Giant prints fool insurance can be hazardous situations. Indicate the process and give employees a sign prior to the scaffolding dangers or unsafe areas. Use vinyl decals or signs above lights and continue to remind them of their responsibilities.

Top Nashville, TN News of 2020

Nashville, TN News

The year 2020 was no ordinary, and Nashville was no exception. From a crippling global pandemic to divisive elections. Here is a revisit to last year’s top headlines.

Abortion Restrictions

Nashville passed some of the restrictive abortion laws. And this was one of the priorities for Gov. Bill Lee. He addressed Nashville reporters and stated that every life is important. In June 2020, the lawmakers passed the bill. In the past, the abortion restriction had been challenged severally but gained a solid legal footing.

And this Nashville news came as a shock as democrats thought the senate would not take up the bill. With this bill, women would be required to get an ultrasound before they can procure an abortion.

Later, the American Civil Liberties Union released a statement to Nashville news desks stating that lack of abortion ruined the lives of those struggling financially. The union also stated that the bill affected:

  • People with limited income
  • People of color
  • Rural and young people
  • Those who face a significant barrier to healthcare

Corona Virus Pandemic

In March 2020, the government recommended social distancing. Also, the public health officials reported the first case of coronavirus pandemic. According to Nashville News reporters, a 73-year old man died as a result of the virus but had an underlying condition.

Within the same period, the Vanderbilt University Center isolated 20 health workers who tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later, Franklin State declared a state of emergency. But to prevent further spread of the virus, Mayor Ken Moore asked those returning from spring break to self-isolate. Apart from that, the Andrew Jackson Hermitage canceled events like:

  • Dog days
  • Vintage Baseball
  • Mother’s Day teas
  • Yoga
  • Easter egg hunts

The other report that hit Nashville headlines is that lawmakers approved $39 billion to combat the pandemic. And within a few days, Nashville closed restaurants for dining. The Sheriff’s office also gave a directive – the officers were required to issue citations instead of making arrests. In another response to combat COVID-19, the Nashville sheriff released inmates to reduce the spread of the infection.

As coronavirus cases recorded a new high, Tennessee looked for ways to double ventilator supply.

Deadly Tornadoes

Early March 2020, at least 20 people died after Tornadoes crossed the state. At a press conference hosted by Nashville news reporters, Governor Bill lee stated that the deaths were recorded in four counties including the state capital. Extensive damage was reported and many people went missing.

During this period, thousands of residents went without power. However, all the polling stations were given a backup generator. Even when all seemed impossible, the government did everything possible to ensure folks went out to vote.

The National Weather Service told Nashville news reporters that they were inspecting the damage to determine the severity of the tornados. There was also a risk of flooding in some parts of the city.

Racial Injustice

Just like in other states, thousands of Americans gathered in Nashville to protest against the death of George Floyd. They were demanding systemic racism and policing. Based on reports released by Nashville news reporters, Floyd’s killing has spurred protests against police brutality.

The residents gave their grievances after a handcuffed man died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. This shocking death prompted members of Mount Gilead Missionary Church and Harpeth Hill Church of Christ to talk about racial injustice. But keeping in mind that all this happened in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, people had face masks as they demonstrated.

Before closing the discussions, the residents gave solutions to Nashville news reporters and advocated the police to wear body cameras.

Hagerty Wins Senate

In November, the Republican candidate Bill Hagerty won the senate seat in Tennessee with landslide votes. This was after President Trump endorsed him against Marquita Brand Show. After the declaration was made, Bill addressed Nashville news reporters and highlighted that the president was happy with the results. He also emphasized that Tennesseans had made their choice and mentioned that socialism has no place in America.

But these were not just any other Nashville news – since 1994, the seat has been in the hands of the republicans. It’s worth mentioning that Hagerty was the commissioner of the former Republican governor and a member of a board in a private investment firm. He also served as a presidential advisor to Mitt Romney.

Even before the campaigns took off, president Trump had declared that he would back Hagerty for the seat.

Nicholas Sutton sentenced to death

In February, the Tennessee justice system was put on test following the declaration of a death sentence. Sutton was sentenced to death in 1986 but was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And he had no idea how the condition had ravaged his body.

Nicholas got sentenced after the jury proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he killed his grandmother in 1979. And it was also clear that the convict was responsible for two more other deaths. In 1985, he was taken to a correctional facility and sentenced to death.

In 2011, a psychologist released a statement to the jury that Nick was abused by his father and his life became a living hell. According to Nashville news headlines, his father held Nicholas hostage at gunpoint.

In his descent, a six circuit judge noted that Nick’s lawyer didn’t present evidence of a traumatic childhood. As days grew closer, the governor had not given his views on the matter. After speaking to Nashville news reporters, Sutton’s attorney emphasized that his life had an immense value.

Nicolas was supposed to be executed in 2015, but some legal issues surrounded the execution protocol. Any inmate who was sentenced to death before 1999 would choose an electric chair or lethal injection – Nicholas chose electrocution.

Based on a cemetery petition that reached Nashville news desks, Nicholas had expressed remorse for the acts he had committed, and he was a changed man. But one prison employee had credited Nicholas for his exemplary behavior. He had saved people’s lives by:

  • Saving lives by protecting the officials
  • Alerting authorities
  • Escorting officials from fights

This story was highlighted amid four other inmates who were scheduled to die. Before COVID-19 hit, the appellate judges ruled that the trial court judge ruling was based on the evidence presented to the jury.

Pilot Convictions Tossed Restored

Towards the end of 2020, most Nashville bulletins reported that Nashville federal prosecutors were looking to restore a case that involved a pilot and two employees. It was alleged that they cheated a Nashville Demolition Contractor millions of dollars.

The petition was asking a US Circuit court to reconsider the ruling. Nashville news reported that a sentence of 12.5 years was not enough. And that’s why the panel ordered the case to be sent to a new judge. At a previous trial, Hazelwood criticized the board of directors but later apologized for the language.

After prosecutors reviewed the story and it was concluded that such remarks would affect the success of the company.

Alexander Impeachment Spotlight

Former U.S Senator Lamar Alexander came to the spotlight after pushing for a vote to impeach President Trump. But the question was whether to call for witnesses or not. In one end, the influential GOP senators who took the front line were:

  • Mitt Romney of Utah
  • Susan Collins of Maine
  • Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
  • Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

According to the information that was featured in Nashville news reports, majority leader Mitch McConnell was making the case while other GOP leaders were on Trump’s defense. The former security advisor would insist on getting a witness of their own.

Other Nashville news reported by Politico stated that McConnell was receptive about a meeting that was attended by Mike Lee, John Cornyn (Tex.), and Lindsey O. Graham. One of the officials said Cruz had talked about an idea that had been brought up by GOP senators. The push by Cruz showed how the republicans were working towards balancing the party.

For many weeks, the democrats had asked the former administration to testify how Donald Trump had withheld the military aid. At the time of writing this Nashville news, two parties had shown their willingness to support the impeachment process.

Nevertheless, Romney had maintained he was determined to criticize Trump for:

  • Opposing a nominee from the former administration
  • Criticizing Trump on trade
  • Leading the charge against the member of Federal Reserve board

Other Nashville news that was captured by the media stated that Romney was the loudest critic of the president Trump administration. This news was unprecedented as Romney was a close ally of President Trump.

School Vouchers

In June 2020, Tennessee Governor refused to launch school vouchers after a supreme court declined the matter. During a legal battle on taxpayer funding, Gov. Lee could not launch the program as it was earlier planned. Following a year of the most contentious battle, rapid-fire development refused to halt the two battles.

But the news that was featured in most Nashville news bulletins this is was the most contentious education battle in recent history. Earlier, the five-member court had issued a statement asking the justices to come on board. And since the governor was still committed to funding the program, its effect would come into effect in 2021.

In 2019, Nashville news desks highlighted the issue after the court’s refusal. The governor challenged the courts to help parents make educated choices for their kids. In another statement, Gov. Lee stated that more than 2000 children would benefit from the program. He emphasized respect for the court’s decision and was committed to giving children a better educational fit.

The state attorney quickly appealed the decision, but the time of reporting the matter was pending hearing.

Nashville bomber blew himself Up

During the Christmas season, a man who had targeted Nashville blew himself up. When addressing Nashville media houses, the Chief of police the man blew himself up during the explosion. But at the time of gathering reports, they were not aware of the motive of the bomber. Nevertheless, the police managed to get DNA samples and linked to an incident to Anthony Quinn Warner.

However, he emphasized that Nashville was safe and there was no threat to the city. The investigating authority could not identify the motive. After his identity was uncovered, it was clear that the man had some experience in electronics.

It was also determined that he had a home and a backyard. And according to the pictures captured on Google maps, a similar explosion was recorded in 2019. During the same period, a man named Warner was being pursued by the police. The other news that was highlighted in Nashville news bulletins is were pieces of evidence.

In the latest incidence, an RV was spotted and what followed next was a few shots in the air. Then, black smoke could be seen at the heart of downtown. After that, you could see doors and windows. The officials said they were relying on several theories that the A&T building was also a potential target.

A few steps from where the bombing took place, the tourists had accumulated the sidewalks. Thankfully, the officers had knocked on several doors to warn people to evacuate.

The medium home sales reach a new high

The year 2020 saw people leaving Illinois, California, and New York and getting to Nashville. Based on Nashville released by the National Housing Report, the price of a home in the city reached $339,000 – the highest in history.

According to Jeff (a broker at the Ashton Group of RE), a low-interest rate was a clear reflection of the demand and supply in the market.

To understand the data, you should pay attention to what happened between 2016 and 2020. Most investors were of the view that the home prices would go up for the next few years.

However, those homeowners who talked to Nashville news reporters stated that this was bad news if you’re looking to downsize. But even if the prices were up, affordability was a factor. Towards the end of 2020, the mortgage rate stood at 3%. And those who could not lock-in something had to deal with the harsh reality – the interest rates would go up, which affects affordability. As a prudent investor, you should aware of the curves (peaks and valleys).

Metro Council Supports Transportation Plan

The Nashville council announced that there were plans to pump $1.6 billion on transportation. Some of the improvements would be:

  • Improve mobility infrastructure
  • Expanding bus services
  • Improving sidewalks, bikeways, and greenways

The mayor told Nashville news reporters that there were plans to get additional funds to boost the transportation industry.

Top 2020 News Stories out of Connecticut

Connecticut News

The year 2020 will go down the books as one of the craziest years in American history. Here is a look at the top Connecticut News in 2020.

Fotis Dulos accused of killing wife dies in hospital

In January 2020, police linked Dulos to the killing of his wife (Jenifer Dulos), who went missing amid divorce proceedings. But later the same month, Dulos died after a suicide attempt. It’s alleged that the 52-year old poisoned himself with carbon monoxide. The medics tried to revive the man, but he died two days later.

The case shifted to Dulos ex-girlfriend (Michelle Troconis) and Kent Mawhinney. But an attorney who was responsible for Dulo’s estate requested the court to declare Jenifer dead. Kent was released on bond while Michelle remained on GPS monitoring. As at the time of reporting this Connecticut news, the body of Jennifer had not been found.

COVID-19 hits Connecticut

On 8th March 2020, the first coronavirus case was reported in Connecticut. Based on the reports that hit Connecticut news desks, there were more than 5000 deaths by the end of the year. Also, businesses reported huge losses due to the effects of the pandemic. The total confirmed cases stood at 160,000 by Dec 2020.

Yimi Moncada murderer

Man kills his children in Norwalk and commits suicide

In March 2020, the street residents woke up to the screams of a woman after she discovered bodies of dead children and a man. According to the police, this was a case of murder-suicide. The 27-year old man was identified as Yimi Moncada, who killed himself and two children in a garage.

At around 7.30 am, the police found the bodies of Jesus (4) and Gisselle (5) following a call from a concerned family member. It’s believed that the children were staying with the father over the weekend before he committed the heinous act. The two children were in kindergarten at Rowayton Elementary School.

The leaders asked the entire community to pray for the children who had to go through such an act. Other reports that hit Connecticut news houses is that counselors would be available for any person who needs support. The district also emphasized that they would come up with a way to celebrate the lives of the little children.

Kristie Reda, who lived close to home stated that it was horrible to deal with such a situation, especially with quarantine in place. At the time of writing, Norwalk police Bureau could not confirm why the father committed the act.

Seven women charged with Victoria Secret scheme

In October seven women were charged for planning a theft scheme in Victoria’s Secret. According to Connecticut news released to media houses, the seven planned to steal thousands of dollars between February and October 2019. After that, they returned the items without the original receipt. With such a return method, the suspect could get gift cards and benefit from the value of the stolen item. The names of the women were:

  • Tamijah Hunter
  • Shamonique Mackey
  • Daijah Fagan
  • Imani Aitcheson
  • Shanice Jackson
  • Leonna Jones

It’s alleged that the women used the cards so that the amount could be charged to the debit card of the conspirator. Then, the women would return the full merchandise to recover the full amount.

The authorities told Connecticut news houses that L Brands suffered a loss of more than $100,000. Each of the women was charged with a conspiracy to commit fraud that attracts a penalty of a term not exceeding 20 years.

A wedding goes viral after Ex accused husband of cheating

In September, a new couple got married in the Museum of Contemporary Art – but they didn’t expect that this arrangement could hit Connecticut news headlines. According to the news published in New York Times, Robert and Lauren met in 2017 and later decided to tie a knot three years later.

They moved in together after their first date and later got engaged in 2018. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding could not be planned for 2020. Luckily, a friend organized the museum space for the ceremony.

On 2nd August, the guests arrived at the Museum, and the two got married. But what got the attention of Connecticut news reporters is the fact that the couple had a unique connection despite being in different situations.

Millian had two kids, but there was no word on Palmer’s marital status. Then, it was later revealed that Robert Palmer had previously been married.

Later Nikyta Moreno (ex-wife) stated that she learned that her husband was cheating after Palmer made the wedding announcement. She even claimed she got to know about the news after several friends reached out about it.

According to Connecticut news that reached the Times, Lauren and Rob started the relationship in 2017, when Moreno was still engaged to the husband. And based on the information that Moreno gave Connecticut news reporters, she got married to Palmer in a civil relationship in 2015. More interestingly, they had even planned for a bigger ceremony in 2017 but never came to be.

This was the time Moreno realized that all was not well. And even after confronting the husband that he was cheating on him, he never answered. After the wedding announcement, the story went viral and that’s how it caught the attention of Connecticut news reporters. Although Moreno was not aware that there was a wedding in sight, she congratulated the two and wished Nikyta the best.

John Oliver and Danbury Feud

In 2020, John Oliver put the city of Danbury, Connecticut on blast. Most Connecticut media houses stated that this was the most hilarious feud of 2020. It started when Mayor Boughton retaliated that they were going to name sewage `John Oliver memorial Sewer Plant’.

This was ironic because the late-night host comedian (John Oliver) unleashed his take on Danbury. He further stated that he had a grudge against the charming town. And this is what garnered the attention of residents in Connecticut. So, where did the rivalry came from?

It’s believed the rivalry came after John challenged the mayors on the time they needed to build facilities in their cities.

After retaliating his disdain for the city, he stated that he’d offer the city $55,000 if they name the sewage after him. In his response, the mayor said he’d name the sewer after John if he would be physically in Danbury when he cuts the ribbon. In another interview with one of the top Connecticut news houses, John stated he’s a comedian who makes such kinds of jokes. And that he had nothing personal about Danbury, Connecticut.

Election 2020

In November, Connecticut democrats did a good job at US house races. For instance, in Harford Connecticut, the incumbent US representatives maintained their positions. Keep in mind, Connecticut has never sent any democrat to congress in more than 10 years.

According to Connecticut news reporters, there was an aggressive challenge between the democrats and republicans. Even Rosa DeLauro, the longest-serving member of the Connecticut delegation gave the newcomer a good battle. It’s believed that Margaret Streicker used COVID-19 to lure the voters. He accused President Trump’s administration of lying to citizens about the seriousness of the virus.

What made the 2020 election unique is that the state changed the strict rules for voting by absentee ballots. But due to COVID-19 – this was acceptable. It’s estimated that before the polls were open, 28% of voters had already cast the ballots.

Based on the outcome of the general election, Joe Biden highlighted that democrats had expanded their seats in the general assembly.

Connecticut Governor Comments on learning

Connecticut Governor Comments on learning

Ned Lamont, Connecticut Governor expressed his concern in September about the opening of schools. But at the same time, there were fears of overcrowding as this would facilitate the transmission of the virus. This Connecticut news came amid concerns that schools should only open when it was perfectly safe to do so. But the governor retaliated that it would take time to get a vaccine, and that could lead to a lost year of education and children were also suffering in not being able to have school lunches. This was due to the cutbacks on equipment in food service.

Lamont further stated that every state was struggling to find ways of dealing with the pandemic. Some went for a hybrid plan while others opted for online classes. Based on the statistics released by the ministry of education, it was believed that Connecticut had a low infection rate, and this would be a green light to open schools.

But the governors’ remarks didn’t go without questions. Margret Brennan stated that more than 143,000 kids were affected by remote learning. However, she further said that they were doing everything possible to prevent the mishap from happening again.

A few days later, the Connecticut news that was gathered by reporters showed that the governor had a plan to buy chrome books to facilitate the process. He also promised an expanded Wi-Fi for teachers and students. Lamont further added that it required the supervision of the parents for the process to be successful.

The residents took the Connecticut news from a different angle, especially after Georgia High School recorded nine positive cases. And this was the time when images went viral showing students without masks.

Biden Attacked Trump for Shortchanging the National Guard Costs

In August 2020, Joe Biden expressed concerns after Trump cut back on federal funding. According to the Connecticut news bulletins, this came at a time when there were reports of revenue loss due to the manner in how trump was handling Covid-19 cases.

Biden stated that this was not the time for new fiscal burdens. Based on Connecticut news collected by reporters, Trump has directed all the federal government to cover the costs of the national relief guard. This affected states like:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Connecticut

A week before issuing the statement, Trump had directed that Florida and Texas be covered throughout the year. He further emphasized that all states would begin to kick in 25%. Biden was of the view that the 75/25 burden-sharing rule would put more pressure on the states amid the struggling economy.

Biden believed that the Connecticut news didn’t make sense because earlier on, Trump had announced that he’d deploy 25,000 troops for coronavirus response.

The governors for Florida and Texas appealed for 100% funding, but other states challenged the dispute. Others said that the president didn’t treat all the states equally. This brought interest from other parties like:

  • National Governors association
  • FEMA
  • Defense department
  • Officials from statehouse

The Whitehouse spokesman encouraged governors to send a demand signal why the funds are needed. Later, the National Governors Association agreed on 100% funding until the end of the year. Biden also challenged the president to guard all the territories with National Guard Troops. He further added that the country was experiencing a national crisis and it needed a strategy.

Marijuana legalization

In October five states including, Connecticut was poised to legalize marijuana. According to Connecticut news journalists, the lawmakers were busy talking about criminal justice reforms. Besides, the religious leaders had interfered with the process before. There was another problem of taxes on how to find a common ground.

This political turmoil came after democrat governors stated that they had reached an agreement on how to legalize marijuana. Some of the states that had spent months squabbling over legislation include:

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut

Richard Gottfried, New York Assembly Health Committee Chairman from Manhattan said there was a lot that needed to be done before legalization. This Connecticut news came in when only one state (Illinois) had passed the legislation. And the reason why the process has become much messier is that every lawmaker has an option to weigh on it.

Finally, the governors came up with guiding principles. They also pledged to limit the licenses and level the market across the region.

The lawmakers who support the move gave a thumbs up to governors who showed efforts in legalizing Marijuana. According to CDC, there were concerns about the vaping crisis that had affected over 2000 people. They also agreed on a broad framework that they should follow to reach specific goals.

Veterans Hospital Blast

In November, two workers were placing a steam pipe before the explosion occurred at Veterans Affairs Hospital. The incident injured three men and killed two others. This was a profoundly sad day for Connecticut residents amid the coronavirus pandemic.

At the time of the release of this Connecticut news, the victim bodies had not been identified. A member of the senate affair committee requested the authorities to conduct a conclusive investigation.

Top 2020 News Stories out of Texas

texas news of 2020

We can’t deny the fact that 2020 spawned unforgettable stories – a year that none of us is likely to forget. In this post, we’ll look at the big Texas news stories that garnered the most attention.

The tragic death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant

The year 2020 started on a sad note after the death of former Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter. According to the county sheriff’s department, seven other people died in the crash. It’s no surprise the tragic death headlined Texas News desks – Bryant won Oscar in 2018. He also won Gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.

Any basketball fan will tell you that Bryant was an influential player in the 1990s and ranked astronomical figures throughout his 20-year career. He will be remembered for inspiring other players to perform to the best of their ability.


On 15th March 2020, the first death was recorded in Texas. A 77-year old man died after developing signs of flu – although it was not clear whether it was COVID or not. According to medics, he was suffering from pneumonia. But a few days later, he died. After that, the government ordered all residents to be tested for Coronavirus, and four cases were found.

The other Texas news stories related to COVID was the closing of bars, nightclubs, taverns, and restaurants in Dallas Country. In addition to that, all restaurants were ordered to offer pick-up only instead of dine-in service.

The same month, the other Texas News Stories was about the emergency declaration of gatherings of no more than 50 people in a single space. On 20th March, the government ordered the closure of schools and gyms. Two days later, the state ordered residents not to leave their homes. They could only leave to get essential supplies and perform tasks that are essential to their safety.

Desmond Jones sentenced to 99 years

The sentencing of Jones was a key Texas news headlines in 2020. He killed a 13-year old girl after a drug deal went bad. Four other people were charged but not with murder. The court found him guilty and sentenced him to life for organizing criminal activity.

During the sentencing, a member of the family of Randle’s (the deceased), gave a tearful testimony of how life has been since the murder.

Jone’s sister also gave a testimony that the brother was not evil. Tensions escalated in the courtroom after Jones told the sister that it doesn’t matter anymore. He was later taken to custody and could watch the rest of the punishment in the cell.

And after a short break, no further witnesses were called, and the attorneys gave their closing remarks. The defense attorney asked the jury to consider 20 years, but the prosecutor convinced the court to a life sentence.

In an interview, Persley (Randle’s mother) said three more people should face charges for her kidnapping and untimely death.

Aggressive Passenger Arrested at DFW Airport

On Feb 14th, a passenger was arrested after he swung at a police officer. The saga became big Texas headlines taking into consideration that DFW key Airport. A man was spotted smoking at the customer service counter and was asked to put it out. Unfortunately, he punched the American Airlines employee. He also tried to hit an officer before he was taken into custody.

Witnesses said that several people tried to calm the man down. The passenger dropped the cigarette in a cup of water and started pulling the hair of the customer service agent. That was not all – aggressive passenger tried to reach to a police officer’s gun. But four other passengers jumped and tried to hold the man down. This man the wrong choice and had to face the consequences.

Shots at Fort Worth Park with 600 People

On 20th May 2020, the shooting of two people at Village Creek Park in Fort Worth made headlines of Texas News. About 600 people were crowded in the park before the shooting occurred. The officials said the shooting happened at around 6.30 pm. Two injuries were critical, and the rest were minor.

Before the incident became top Texas news, witnesses said that they heard gunshots at the center of the park. Then, there was a chaotic scene of people running. At the time when the sound of gunfire run out, the police arrived at the scene with a land cruiser.

Still, there was no clear explanation of why the social distance rules were not followed. And 30 minutes later, there was another shooting at a convenience store. The Texas news headlines continued for a month.

The Leaning Tower of Dallas

TheLeaning Tower of Dallas (former Affiliated Computer Services Building) didn’t collapse after denotation.

Interestingly, the floors surrounding the core collapsed, but the elevator stands and stairways remained intact without any type of hot stick testing.

For two weeks, hundreds of people used to come and take photographs of the iconic remnant gone awry. According to the contractor, the demolition of the building was supposed to take four days. But it ended taking weeks before the building was brought to the ground – it’s a sign of brilliant engineering. It’s no wonder the Tower because of part of Texas news in 2020.

Mother Fatally Shoots 8-Year Old Daughter

The shooting of an 8-year old daughter was the biggest Texas news in May. It’s believed that the woman committed the heinous act before taking her own life.

The 35-year old mother was in her home with her two children. They had a confrontation with her husband before she started to open fire. The SWAT police officers surrounded her home, but the 12-year old boy managed to escape.

According to SWAT, the standoff continued for a couple of hours. The woman opened fire, but the officers retreated. Later, they managed to enter the residence and found the woman and the 8-year old in a pool of blood. From the look of things, it appeared as a murder-suicide.

Four officers fired after the death of George Floyd

Floyd died while being restrained by police officers. In the many days that followed, this became the top Texas News. And after watching how Floyd died, the North Texas police chief said that the police went beyond their mandate. The video circulated online showing a police officer kneeling on a cuffed man’s neck even after pleading that he could not breathe.

After the FBI investigation, the officer failed to respond in the most basic sense. He said the man matched the description of a forgery store suspect. Unfortunately, Floyd was identified as a security officer who worked in a restaurant.

Some witnesses gathered around to record the scene with their phones. According to the owner of the restaurant, Floyd was a good man, and the co-workers loved him.

These Texas news continued for a while and encouraged demonstrations that `Black lives matter’. And after the autopsy report, it was clear that Floyd died as a result of a chokehold. The investigations continued to verify whether the officers verified the rights of Floyd.

Protestors Loot Businesses in Downtown and Deep Ellum

Following the death of Floyd, protestors looted lots of businesses in downtown Texas. But what made the looting make the top headlines is a video that circulated online showing people running out of businesses with items.

As the protestors walked downtown Texas, they smashed windows. The police had to disperse the crowd by setting off tear gas.

Kelly Clarkson files divorce

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have been a power couple for a while. In early June, the couple became part of Texas news headlines after details emerge that they wanted to divorce. After speaking to E-News, Kelly confirmed that she was ready to file for a divorce after seven years.

Since 2013, the couple has supported each other professionally, so the news came out as a shock. Since the two got together, they have not been able to hide the passion they have for each other. After the divorce news, Kelly has remained adamant to comment on the matter.

Shooting at Galleria Dallas Mall

According to the police, the shooting happened after a shooting occurred between two people who knew each other. Before the Texas news hit the headlines, the police had stated that this was not an active shooter situation.

After hearing the gunshots, some witnesses run. One of the shoppers was held inside for 30 minutes before the police arrived. It was clear that most people were traumatized after the incident. The injured man was later taken to hospital.

The remains of a soldier found in Central Texas

On 30th June, the remains of the missing soldier were found in Texas. According to a family lawyer, two suspects were connected to her disappearance.

The report that reached most Texas news desks stated that the soldier went missing in April at Fort Hood. The army also stated that one suspect who was a soldier committed suicide. The other was a civilian.

The officer who tried to make contact with the alleged suspect found that he had already committed suicide. According to the lawyer, the missing soldier was sexually assaulted before being murdered. Her remains were found after a reward of $50,000 was given by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

Missing body of mother and children found

On July 23rd, police officers launched an investigation after the body of a mother and daughter were found in a Ranch. According to reports that reached Texas News desks, the 31-year old woman and her daughters were last seen headed to a grapevine.

The investigators who traced Natalie’s cellphone found that their car was found on the 4300-block with the children inside. But at the time of the discovery, all three were dead. Amado worked nearby noticed a car parked on the lot but assumed it had a flat tire. The tragic death featured in Texas news headlines for a while.

A plant sends toxic plume in North Texas

In August, there was a massive fire at a facility in Grand Prairie. The health officials urged residents to stay indoors because the toxic plume can cause respiratory problems. It’s believed that a power line that hanged on the plant lead to the big fire. According to the assistant chief of operations, the fire spread throughout the storage area.

A rail car that supported the tower for electricity also exploded. Fortunately, no lives were lost during the incident. After several hours of battling with the fire, the fighters contained it in one location.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality insisted that nobody should seek medical attention unless they developed respiratory problems.

Rapper Mo3 Gunned Down On Highway

Perhaps the Texas news that shocked music fans is how Mo3 was being chased down the highway. According to police reports, the 28-year old Noble was attacked in broad daylight by a man with a dark-colored vehicle. The rapper stopped on the freeway, but the man walked towards his car with a gun.

The man chased Noble and fired a few shots before taking the perfect shot. He was pronounced dead a few hours later. Another person was also struck but didn’t sustain serious injuries. The police officers could not explain whether it was a targeted attack or just road rage. At the time of writing this Texas news, nobody had been arrested for the incident.

Serial killer Billy Chemirmir face more charges

Towards the end of 2020, police released reports that Billy Chemirmir faced more murder charges. He was accused of robbing a dozen women of their jewelry. Early December, he got more murder charges bringing the count to 17.

Chemirmir is now facing charges of deaths of 86-year old, 82-year old, and 92-year old. The three seniors were living in a complex in Dallas.

And just like the other cases, all women were suffocated with a pillow. The reports that reached Texas newsrooms showed that it was clear how he gained entry to the rooms. While most of the deaths were believed to be a natural death, the investigating team later realized there was foul play.

In 2018, Chemirmir attacked a woman and was later identified as a suspect. This led detectives to start an investigation of other victims. Most Texas news desks stated that the three women who lived on the fourth floor of the famous Tradition Preston wood died within three months.

The Great Conjunction – An astronomical event

A few days to the end of 2020, a rare Christmas star was spotted – something that hasn’t happened for nearly 800 years. Both Jupiter and Saturn appeared as two bright points in the sky. They were too close and looked like one bright star. Even before the astronomical event hit Texas news headlines, families had an opportunity to look at the sky.

How Beer Companies Use Ecommerce to Sell More Product

ecommerce for beer

According to the US Department of Commerce, US consumers spend more than $230 billion every year on alcoholic products. At the moment online beer sales are a very small segment of the total beer market, but it is growing. As younger people enter the market, there will inevitably be greater demand for beer online from the 75 million-plus tech-savvy millennials. This has not been overlooked by the brewing industry. However, the industry does have some particular hurdles to overcome, not faced by other sectors, such as age verification.


The Potential Market

Some industry pundits are speculating that the size of the online alcohol market could grow to between $7 billion to $15 billion. A prize worth fighting for. According to industry giant MillerCoors, it is expected that 5% of US beer sales could be made through the Internet within the next few years.

The US industry is lagging far behind the UK at the moment, with just 4% of US beer consumers regularly buying their beer online, compared to 34% in the UK. Click and Collect is only just being introduced in the US, whereas this distribution model is well established in Europe amongst the supermarket chains.

Nielsen Global Connected Commerce Study in 2016 interviewed 30,000 respondents who have Internet access in 63 countries and discovered that the percentage of online buyers of alcohol was just 8%, which made it one of the lowest online take ups of any sector.

Profile of Purchasers of Alcohol

In-Store Only Online Alcohol Buyers

The average age of purchaser 49 39

Percentage of male buyers 49% 77%

Household Income over $100,000 31% 43%

Buyers who are married 53% 73%

Buyers who are in full-time work 42% 71%

Are they urban or suburban? 56% suburban 56% urban

The average online buyer of alcohol, according to MillerCoors is in the 35 to 45 age range. They enjoy a higher income than the average beer consumer, and when they do buy their beer online, they will buy much more than they would normally purchase in a store.

Distribution Method for Online Alcohol Sales

Click and Collect 50%

Same day delivery (within hours) 41%

Delivery in 1 or 2 days 34%

Delivery time over 2 days 27%

sell beer online

America’s Three-Tier System

Here we have the biggest barrier to alcohol e-commerce in the US. When prohibition was repealed, and the 21st Amendment became law, it specified that there had to be three tiers in the distribution model.

· The Producer

· The Middleman/Wholesaler

· The Retailer

Consequently, the beer brewers cannot sell directly to retailers, bars, or restaurants. They cannot pay them in any way to promote their product. This includes providing coolers or paying for shelf space. The brewers cannot sell directly to consumers, this is only permitted by licensed retailers.

In effect, this makes it impossible for breweries to operate their own eCommerce sites. The result is that it is easier for US brands to enter foreign markets than for foreign brands to enter the US market. Despite this, US brands are unhappy with the three-tier system, as it is less efficient. Another factor to be considered is that it infringes on free trade agreements.

No National Regulations

Another difficulty for online beer retailers in the US is that the 21st Amendment also handed over responsibility to individual states for regulation of alcoholic drinks, which means brewers have to handle 50 different regulatory bodies for manufacture, distribution, sale, and consumption of alcohol. In some cities, there are also regulations from individual municipalities. In the UK, such matters are handled nationally.

Third-Party Delivery Apps

Most alcohol purchased online in the US is through a variety of online delivery platforms. These apps have local retailer partners, and when you order from the app your beer will be delivered in about an hour. At the moment it is only these apps that are increasing the share of online sales in the alcohol market. But they are expensive to operate, do not offer a wider selection than the local partner stocks, and will typically have minimum orders, and delivery fees.

Key Players

· Drizly (The Original Player) – Serves 40 markets in the US and Canada

· Klink – Miami, Washington DC, Dallas, Ann Arbor

· Saucey – Mostly West Coast

· BrewDrop – 14 cities

· Minibar – 33 markets currently

· Thistle – 10 markets

· Swill – 15 Cities

· Drink Easy – Ships to most US states but 3-5 days delivery.

ecommerce branding for beer companies


Digital Branding Strategy

Beer brands should take control of content strategy by ensuring that there is detailed and consistent product content across available eCommerce platforms. There is even a Dallas Beer company that hired a Dallas DWI Lawyer to help with their branding strategy. There should be well designed and effective product portrayal across these platforms. They should also invest in their own website.

Content is King

Just as with other consumer products, producers tell the story of their product, provide interesting product-related content and competitions. This content should include well-designed images and video content to support the text. Tying in the product to key events throughout the year is also consistent with this strategy.

Co-Operate & Conquer

Beer brands should learn to work and develop those apps that are producing high volumes of sales. These apps are NOT licensed retailers but are classified as technology apps, so the 21st Amendment does not stop Brewers from investing in these apps, to ensure prominent placement of products. In return, the apps can provide detailed analytics back to the Brand.

Take a look at meal Delivery Services

In the UK, Heineken has developed a partnership with Deliveroo. Kail from MillerCoors suggests that other key players like UberEATS are trying to find ways or building similar partnerships and add beer to the list of products they provide.

You Cannot Afford to Forget Amazon

Any online strategy should have Amazon in a central position. They are the biggest US online store and also functions as a place where consumers compare products. Amazon Prime already delivers Beer in a select few markets, but Amazon will surely develop and bigger strategy to dominate this market as they have so many others. Check out

Social Media

Beer brands should seek to be the subject of online discussion on Social media. The creation of viral material and creative linking to campaigns can do a lot to enhance brand awareness.

Challenger Brands

Frequently challenger brands have been the most successful in making an impact online. Do not forget these small brands. A case where the small challenger brand has made a big impact online is the success of BrewDog in the UK, where a small brand has quickly become a major competitor in a given market.


Beer Brands have used a variety of techniques to mobilize the power of Social Media over the years. In this section, we take a look at some of the techniques they have used. Mention social media and people immediately think of ways of creating viral posts. In fact, social media can be used in far more creative ways, as you will see.

It is also important that you realize that good campaigns can be reused or modified at a later date. In this way, you can build on the success of excellent campaigns.

Kingfisher Head Banging Beer Advert

This campaign from Indian Brand Kingfisher Beer featured a beer vending machine that dispensed beer in return for “headbangs.” At the machine users strapped on a special helmet that recorded the number of headbangs and log onto their Facebook account, and then do as many “Headbangs” as they could in 30 seconds. The number of beer cans dispensed was dependent on the number of bangs. Their success was posted to Facebook accounts. Results = 100,000 headbangs in three days and a massive 3 million impressions online.

Miller Lite Campaign

This campaign featured user-submitted photos of their “Miller Time”. The company offered $1,000 awarded to 10 people every day for 100 days. The response to the social media posts was phenomenal. 180,000 photos were submitted during the campaign. At the end of the original video posting a giant collage of visible under the #itsmillertime tag.

mashtag beer ecommerce

#Mashtag Beer

BrewDog, famed for creating unusual brews ran a campaign that allowed Twitter and Facebook users to create their own beer, by deciding which ingredients were used to create it. The result was #Mashtag (see the picture). The beer eventually contained New Zealand hops, Hazelnuts, and Oak chips. It had an alcohol content of 7.5%. The campaign claimed that BrewDog had created a democratic beer.

Newcastle Brown Bad Photoshop Ads

Newcastle Brown Bad Photoshop Ads

In response to Miller Lite’s successful Photo submission campaign, Newcastle Brown did a spoof version, where they invited social media users to submit photos to be badly photoshopped into adverts for Newcastle brown beer. Not only did these spoof ads have intentionally terrible photoshop work but they also featured groan-inducing puns (see the picture). A low-cost campaign that worked well.

Budweiser Buddy Cups

This campaign was based on some special cups used at Budweiser events. The cups have a special Choi-p in the bottom and when arriving at the event users have to scab the barcode on the bottom of the cup, to register. Then every time they do a “cheers” bringing glasses together the system automatically sends a friend request on Facebook. A clever gimmick to encourage event-goers to get to know each other. Another example of using Social Media interactivity in the real world.


A new mobile app allows you to buy a pal a drink-through Twitter. Both parties have to have a PayPal and Twitter account to use the app. When you Tweet a Beer you send your Pal $5 and also send them the name of the place you want to meet and when to meet, for the beer.

amstel beer ecommerce

Digital Detox

Amstel has a passion for dragging people away from their smartphones and enjoying a relaxing beer with a friend instead. The digital detox app rewards users for staying away from their smartphones for eight hours, by buying them a beer. This app has been a great hit with users on social media. One of the most popular apps that were tested.

The Offline Glass

Introducing the glass that forces you to choose between your beer and your smartphone. This special glass has a slot cut out of the bottom of the glass, so it can only stand straight if propped up by your glass. . this brings people back from concentrating on their phones instead of enjoying the company. This was built especially for a bar but could well be used an s promotion for a beer brand.

heineken ecommerce

Spontaneous Party Campaigns

this is a Real-Time campaign that was initially staged in New York. Social media users who want to take their party to the next level are encouraged to Tweet why they deserve a Heineken Themed Holiday Party. The Tweets are monitored in Real-time and winners will instantly get the party essentials straight away. The essentials include a DJ, UBER gift cards, an event photographer, and as you can surely guess – Heineken Beer. The campaign later rolled out to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

I Bet He Drinks Carling Black Label

We finish with a vintage advert from 1990 which cleverly played on the rivalry between British and German football, and references the wartime classic movie Dam Busters. A funny film that resonated with the public and did a great deal to raise awareness.]


We began this article by looking at the potential market and how Beer Brands can exploit the Internet. We looked at the current state of play in online beer sales in the US, and identified problems related to the 21st Amendment, comparing the situation to the UK.

This led to a look at the best-performing methods of selling Beer online that currently exist. Moving on to other strategies that can be utilized. Finally moving on to some excellent examples of campaigns run in recent years.

There is still much to learn and it will take a lot of change before the US can match the online results of the UK and other European countries.