The Best of Sacramento, CA News of 2020

No Teen Homicides for two years

Sacramento has started the year with some excellent news. In the last two years, Sacramento has not had one single teenager victim of a homicide. This massive improvement from 2007 to 2017 when teens living in Sacramento were more than twice as likely to get killed as any other age group in Sacramento County. During that decade, 114 local teenagers were victims of homicide.

Three years ago, a total of seven teens were killed. One local pastor’s aid was when he was carrying out more funerals than weddings.

This exciting news is part of an equally satisfying decline in overall Homicides for all age groups. Homicides in Sacramento have gone down by 21% in the last five years. According to the Sacramento Police Department, there has been a year drop in homicides in the city since 2015. The total homicides in Sacramento in 2015 was 43, but by 2019 it had gone down to 34.

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn said ït was a positive step heading in the right direction, but much work to be done.

Source ABC10 News – 30 January 2020

sacramento, california

Sacramento takes first place in the list of the best cities to live in California in 2020

More good news for Sacramento broke in February 2020 when it was announced that Sacramento is the Best Place to Live in CaliforniaYes, it’s official, Sacramento is a great place to live, according to Bankrate. The survey takes into account six different factors in calculating the best city


Here are the results for Sacramento:

  • Affordability: 9 from 10
  • Culture: 4 from 10
  • Safety: 7 from 10
  • Job Market: 3 from 10
  • Education: 4 from 10

We can see from this that the key positives were Affordability and safety, which ties in nicely with the January Homicide rate announcement (see above).

It was noticeable that most of the cities that scored highest were from the northern part of the state.

Source – 19 February 2020

Sacramento’s Fairytale Town celebrates Dr. Seuss’s 116th Birthday.

To celebrate the birthday of the popular children’s author Dr. Seuss, Sacramento held a special event at the Fairy Town in Land Park. Children were invited to participate in Dr. Suess themed crafts and activities in this special event. There were also readings from some of his books at the Mother Goose Stage. The children dressed in “Cat in a Hat suits” ran around the park and seemed to be having a wonderful time celebrating Dr.Suess and taking part in these themed activities.

The works of Dr.Suess have sold over 6 million copies and been translated into over 20 languages. Born in Massachusetts, he died in La Jolla, California, in 1991 at 87.

Fairy Town is a non-profit park in Sacramento built by General Contractors in Sacramento CA that has served the community for over 60 years. It is a place where families can safely imagine, learn, and, most importantly, play together. It has over 26 sets, which are centered around nursery rhymes and fairy tales. There is a flock of farm animals, two stages, and several gardens, and it has been a firm favorite from generation to generation. Their mission is to “promote the imagination, creativity, and education in the city.”

Source: KCRA 3 – 1 March 2020

Good Samaritans Rescue Two Men from Sacramento River After Aluminum Boat Sinks

On Sunday, July 19th first responders were dispatched to the Sacramento River to investigate reports of two people in the water near the Deschutes overpass. People had noticed a cooler and a lifejacket floating by in the river. They were concerned and headed upstream to see if they could see what had happened. They found two men in the water, with one of them sitting on top of the upturned boat. Clinging on to a pillar. Call Fire arrived and assisted the two good Samaritans with the rescue. It is not clear why the boat capsized, but the important thing is that nobody was hurt, unlike another accident that occurred just two months later when another boat overturned. An air ambulance had to be called to transfer one of the two people to the hospital.

Source ABC KRCR 20 July 2020

Iconic Sacramento Pastor Retires After 50 Years

Dr. Ephraim Williams, the Pastor at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Sacramento, has just retired after 50 years of service to the community. The pastor, who is now over 80, says he is not done yet, and he plans to continue serving the local community during his retirement. Normally there would have been a special service to mark his retirement, but the church has not met in person since March because of the pandemic. The congregation would not let that stop them from honoring the Paster, so they held a Socially Distant Drive Through Parade in his honor instead.

Dr. Williams was born in Mississippi more than eighty years ago, moving north to Chicago as a teenager, and then to Sacramento in the 1960s. He had a memorable introduction to Sacramento when he saw a house for rent sign. On knocking at the door, the occupant saw Dr. Williams, a black man, and slammed the door in his face. Other places he tried would not even talk to him.

Dr. Williams concluded the interview with one last statement, “Don’t forget God, don’t forget him.

Source: ABC10 – 14 August 2020

Marine Who Survived the Battle of Iwo Jima Celebrates 105 Birthday

A World War II Vet who survived the battle of Iwo Jima reaches the age of 105. Major Bill White is the oldest living marine, and his 105th birthday was marked with a Socially Distanced Drive-By Parade. The parade even included a Highway Patrol cruiser in the community organized parade.

Because of the pandemic, Bill’s family has not been able to visit much, and they realized that so many people wanted to honor him.

He rose to the rank of major in a thirty-year marine career. It is not Bill’s first brush with the media. In January, he received 300,000 cards, letters, and gifts following a request for valentine’s cards.

Bill received a purple heart for his actions at Iwo Jima back in March 1945. This is his most prized possession. He recalls that there were not many who did survive, and when a grenade exploded a matter of inches from him, he nearly lost his own life.

His final statement was, “Now I am trying for 106, just one at a time.”

The Battle of Iwo Jima was a major battle in WW2 when the United States Marines attacked and captured the island of Iwo Jima. Capturing the island was of great importance to the allies, and the marines needed to capture the island with its two airfields. The attack resulted in the death of over 20,000 Japanese deaths, with just 216 survivors. The famous photo showing American Troops raising a US flag on top of a hill was taken at Iwo Jima. 20% of all the Medal of Honor recipients in World War II were awarded due to the action at Iwo Jima.

Source Fox23 News – 3 August 2020

Sacramento’s SmaRT Ride Microtransit Service Declared Among Most Successful in the US

Sacramento regional Transport announced that it’s demand microtransit shuttle called SmaRT Ride is considered one of the most successful in the USA. It has even managed to continue growing during the Pandemic. It has been growing in popularity all summer, and in July, it clocked its highest ridership month with12,200 rides.

It was well on track to beat that, but the smoke from the fires and the excess heat stopped that from happening. However, they still managed 11,500 rides. Recent growth in September has been 4% per week, which is the highest growth of any similar system in the USA. The operation’s continued growth is in stark contrast to the contraction showed by most other systems in the USA.

Using modern technology, passengers can hail a ride from Smartphones or online, which connects to the call center where advanced algorithms match passengers with specific vehicles.

Source: TTI – 9 September 2020

Bear seen on video ransacking California grocery stores is now roaming the wild again November

A local bear decided to forego scavenging in the woods for food and decided it would be a lot easier and quicker to take a trip to the local grocery store instead. A Black bear at Lake Tahoe had a plan and was seen on video visiting local businesses in his search for food.

The Fish and Wildlife Officials estimate the bear was around 500 lbs and between 16 and 18 years old. Whereas a younger bear might have been taken and placed in a zoo, they believed he would not be happy in captivity because of the bear’s advanced age. So they returned him to the wilds but fitted him with a tracking device so that the department can keep a close eye on him and stop him from going on any more shopping trips.

However, Anne Bryant from the “Bears League” explained that she did not think this was the right move, and she is worried about the safety of the bear, who may have been placed in another bear’s habitat. This may cause friction between the two bears.

Safeway seems to be the bear’s favorite store, it was filmed there twice on different days, but it also chose to visit the Chevron Station where store cameras caught it having a ly down while munching on candy.

Source: Sacramento Bee – 11 November 2020

This Sacramento school teaches outdoors: rain or shine.

In Sacramento, Camellia Waldorf School had a unique solution to keeping children safe during the pandemic by setting up classrooms outside. The school is home to around 120 students who are ranged from pre-school to eighth grade. The school has a staggering drive, though drop-off and screening in the morning. All the adults and the second to eighth grade wear masks. They have installed six outdoor sinks and encourage frequent handwashing.

When asked about the cold, Cindy Stinson, representing the school, said that Sacramento is not as cold as New York, and in 1918, new york had classes outside, so we figured we could definitely do it.

Stinson said, “We did not have a huge budget to make these changes, but we just tried to be practical.”

We originally thought about four different models to deal with the pandemic.

  1. Outdoor in-person
  2. Full-Time distance learning
  3. Inclusive learning (mix of individual and distance)
  4. Reverse distance learning where the teacher is at home and instructs students on campus.

The school says that there have not been any cases of COVID. There are plans to continue with the outside learning until the 2020-2021 school year.

Source: KCRA – 15 December 2020

Sacramento Taco Bell employees were surprised with a $500 gift from a customer.

Taco bell staff at an outlet in the pocket Area were still reeling after a “Secret Santa” rewarded the staff for their ongoing, customer-facing work in the pandemic by leaving each staff member $100 as a Christmas Gift.

Staff says he is a stranger; they do not know his name or anything about him. However, it turns out that a former Taco Bell employee had worked in a branch in Flagstaff as a teenager. And he knows how tough the job can sometimes be.

His name is Shan Dan Horan, and 20 years ago, he was almost killed when working in one. The memories of that frightening event are still with him. Horan works in Sacramento’s music industry. Before he gave the money, he gathered around the staff, told them the story of his near-death experience working in Taco Bell, and then asked them to take it easy and spend some time with their family. He then dished out the amazing Christmas gift.

What a wonderful story of generosity from Sacramento, just a perfect way to end our quick flip through news events in the city over the last year.

Source: ABC10 News – December 16th

The History of the Red Factor Canary

Red Factor Canary bird

The plumage is one of the most characteristic elements of birds. The feathers expand the flight surface, improve aerodynamics, and maintain waterproofing and body temperature. The mutations and adaptation processes to different media produced during millions of years of evolution have also provided the plumage with an incredible variety of colors and shapes.

From the intense reds, blues, and greens of the great American parrots to the yellows, greens, and reds of goldfinches or greenfinches, birds offer us an extensive color range that enriches our landscapes and that fulfill various functions, such as camouflage, recognition, and group cohesion, and even sexual and reproductive function.

The human contribution is added to this intense creative activity of nature. Breeding and species selection have made it possible to enrich and diversify what evolution and species selection have created. And in the field of ornithology, the paradigm of human intervention is, without a doubt, the canary. Few birds have a variety of ranges and colors like this little bird. And of all, surely one of the most colorful groups is that of the red factor canaries.


The red factor canary has developed from the crossing of the canary with the red siskin or also called Venezuelan Cardinal, which, like other species of birds that have evolved naturally, contains in its inheritance the genes that give it its characteristic red color. But the red canary is not capable of manufacturing the pigments that give color to its plumage.

To avoid loss of color, it is important to add to its diet foods containing these pigments or much more powerful artificial colors, which help give the feathers intensity and shine.

These were bred from the 20s, becoming the only canary of its species that has the color red in its plumage. The person who developed this species of bird was a doctor of German nationality named Hans Duncker.

The natural habitat of the red factor canaries

Like all species of canaries, these birds get their name because the first species discovered were in the Canary Islands. These birds attracted attention from the first moment, thanks to their beautiful song. The original canary was a simple finch with a green color, which was not something completely extraordinary at that time.

When the Europeans were delighted with their singing, they began to carry out export efforts in the 16th century. After a few years, they began to have canary babies, and that was when several mutations developed.

At present, canaries are not even a trace of what their ancestors were when it comes to what they look like; however, their song is still one of the most beautiful. As for the canary factor network, there is no specific place where it can be found because of its colors and appearance, in general, are thanks to breeding. However, they are ubiquitous to find in European and Latin American houses.

red factor canary flying

Factors influencing the color of the red factor canary

We must emphasize that originally the Canary (Serinus Canaria) was not prepared to deposit the red pigments in the feathers and thus show a plumage, partly or totally red. It is by hybridizing with the red siskin of Venezuela, and being his fertile offspring when the canary acquires that capacity and the first red factor canaries emerge.

To better understand it, if we took a wild canary from the Islands (originally pure) and fed it red pigments, it would never get a single red feather; on the other hand, if we took any domestic canary (Serinus Canaria Domestica), be it color, song or posture, and we administer the same diet, it will show red feathers, the intensity of which will vary depending on the “amount of blood” of the red siskin that runs through its veins.

There are several factors that influence these species of canaries to have that characteristic plumage:

The genetic

  • The proximity or distance to its predecessor, the red siskin: This is the first and most important factor that will condition a good pigmentation in the Canaries. Therefore, it will manifest in a better or worse way a beautiful and luminous red livery. This condition is decisive in the rest of the factors that affect pigmentation. Thus, canaries with parents very close to the red siskin will need a minimal amount of artificial pigments for their coloring, requiring higher doses of colorants, those that are far from the red siskin. In fact, the first canaries originating from this cross did not show a red coloration, but orange, and it was not until the emergence of artificial pigments in Ornithology (Canthaxanthin, Carophyl, and Beta-carotene mainly) when the reds you can see currently in exhibitions that can be obtained are not achieved.
  • Structure of the feathers for the optical refractive factor: The way in which the feathers will absorb or repel the light that falls on them; thus, as the canary shows more or less blue refraction (for many authors, it is recessive and cumulative in nature), it will show a brighter red the more refraction it shows and, in the same way, the less pigmenting it will need for optimal coloring. In the specimens with good refraction, red is especially bright and clean. When the color is more opaque, it means that there was a mixture with the brown pheomelanin, and when the red is more tan, it means that it was mixed with the scattered black eumelanin. The refraction effect is much more evident in melanic canaries (by preventing the manifestation of pheomelanin), but also in lipochromes, it must be very taken into account.
  • The specimens category: Another factor that we must consider is the category (distribution of the lipochrome on the mantle) of the specimens. Thus, in the case of canaries with the Mosaic category (distribution of Lipochrome in certain areas), they begin to pigment once they have left the nest, around 40 days. In any case, provided they are complete, all wing and tail feathers. In this category, special care is taken that the specimens do not lose any of the large feathers. When they come out again, they would do so with the rest of the pigmentation, which would seriously penalize the animal. In the case of the intense ones (distribution of the lipochrome throughout the pen), and due to the very structure of the intense pen, which produces the same effect as in the case of the optical refractive factor mentioned above, a red is achieved optimal and luminous in an easier way and with less quantity of pigments or lower mixtures in Canthaxanthin.


In the case of red factor canaries, food is essential for the correct manifestation of red lipochrome. With Food, reference is not only made to those natural or synthetic foods that have favorably coloring influence, but also those that harm it.

As mentioned above, in the first copies of the red factor, the color they showed was Orange, this being more intense, the closer it is to its predecessor. Therefore, the breeders enhanced the color with foods rich in carotenes, such as pepper, carrot, or tomato.

These foods provide what we know as Beta-carotene, which by itself is not capable of pigmenting canaries to Red, which is why other products are needed to achieve the optimal Red; these are Canthaxanthin and carophyll.

The way to administer the pigments can be through food (inbreeding pastes) or water. The administration through the water poses several disadvantages since for example it considerably dirties the drinkers and the birds, when wanting to bathe in them, they can stain of pigment where they should not, besides, these pigments are affected by light, so If you choose to administer them through water, it should be done in opaque and ball troughs.

The technique most used by the breeders of this species of canaries is to administer it in the breeding paste, which in general are usually morbid type, since this type of paste acquires moisture through added fats and, as we have commented, pigments they are deposited in the feathers through fat.

For this same reason, in the molting season, a little more fatty seeds (hemp, Linseed, etc.) are added to the red factor canaries to facilitate the deposit of red pigments. It will also favor pigmentation, all those products rich in carotenoids, in general, those of Red color (Tomato, Pepper, Carrot), and vegetables such as spinach or Broccoli.


Traditionally, the red canary’s pigmentation had been enhanced by adding to its diet foods, carrots, for example, which contained a high proportion of pigments. However, bird lovers have achieved more effective results using artificial pigments that improve the intensity and brightness of the color.

Three types of colorants are used in the breeding of the red factor canary: canthaxanthin, red carophyll, and beta-carotene:

  • Canthaxanthin: This pigment is found naturally in a colorful mushroom called “chantarellus cibarius.” The chemical synthesis pigment has a very intense red color, tending to violet. It is water-soluble, but it is customary to use it mixed with the breeding paste. It is the most powerful dye and gives the birds an intense red color, which varies according to the doses used.
  • Carophyll: It is obtained from canthaxanthin and has pigmenting properties practically identical to those of this colorant. The main difference is in the microencapsulated molecular structure that makes the dye’s assimilation slower and more gradual.
  • Beta-carotene: In nature, beta-carotene is found in many fruits and vegetables, among which carrots or tomatoes stand out. As a chemical, beta-carotene has a dark orange color. It is water-soluble so that it can be administered both with the breeding paste, the most used system, and with water. The degree of pigmentation it provides is low but instead gives a great shine to the plumage. That is why, for good results, beta-carotene has to be mixed with canthaxanthin or carophyll. Besides, beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A and has an antioxidant action on cells, delaying aging.
Fun facts about the Red Factor Canary

Fun facts about the Red Factor Canary

These are some fun facts that you should know about the Red Factor Canary:

Sounds and songs of the Red Factor Canary

The canaries have always been characterized by their beautiful song, which is why bird lovers are so struck by it, and they get excited every time they hear them. However, red factor canaries are not recognized precisely for their song.

This canary species is not very noisy, and although it is not specifically trained to sing, it does emit a beautiful, albeit very soft, sound. They love being in a couple, so you are unlikely to see a lone canary factor network.

Although their main gift is not singing, they are inveterate in music. In general, the owners of these birds leave the radio on with music so that they can enjoy and relax.

They can breed with yellow canaries

Red factor canaries can live and breed with yellow canaries without any problems; however, this is not recommended. The reason is simple, the offspring between both birds can be born with the color of the feathers diluted, and it would lose that vibrant red that characterizes it so much.


The canary factor network prefers interactions with humans, where there is no physical contact. This bird does not like to be stroked or carried with the hands. The best thing their owners can do is to avoid physical contact as much as possible to avoid causing them stress.

For this reason, it is extremely important that the bird is in a spacious cage so that it can feel comfortable at home. Toys or accessories can be added to make them happier.

They are straightforward to care for; they are not aggressive and are generally very calm. They have the peculiarity of quickly recognizing their owners and always enjoying it when they play with them, as long as there is not completely close contact.


This species of bird usually lives up to ten years on average if it receives its ideal care. For this reason, it is important to feed it properly, without excesses. Also, they must be provided with a suitable space for them to be calm.

Best Businesses to Start and Operate in Florida

Florida Business owner

Florida is a southern state in the US that offers many business opportunities. With a massive population of over 21 million people, this state is now a hub for some of the biggest specialized chains. It’s also one of the largest exporters of trade goods and is famous for its industrial facilities. Here are the top Florida businesses worth investing in.

Florida advertising agency

Adverting and promotion

Advertising is a highly profitable top Florida business. No matter the niche, there’s a huge scope that provides the perfect advertisement for goods and services. You can also start a business that offers promotional products and specialties.

vending machine business in FL

Healthy vending machines

Vending machines can be beneficial for health-conscious individuals. When you think of a vending machine, what foods or beverages come to your mind? Cookies, soda, candy, or chips? Vending machines are a booming business in Florida, and technology is helping it grow. There’s also an app to help you operate the machine. Other things you can do with a vending machine include:

  • Monitoring your inventory remotely
  • Tracking buying trends
  • Educating customers on healthy snacking

And this technology is not slowing down since consumers are always looking for healthy snack choices. If you’re a serious entrepreneur, you’re poised to make the most from this booming industry.

Florida Fitness Business

Fitness business

Let’s face it: the fitness industry is slowly gaining traction as a top Florida business. With tropical climates, beautiful beaches, and celebrities galore, there’s a lot of pressure on anyone who wants to stay in top shape.

Everyone is slowly looking for a healthy way to start a business at an economical cost. As long as you have strong marketing tactics, you can make lots of money. You should also consult the authorities and meet all the requirements to get started.

Whether your goal is to become a fitness trainer or create training workshops, this is a sure bet. While you don’t need to get a fitness qualification, you need accreditation from specific groups. Just like any other Florida business, you need to be strategic about location.

Another thing to keep in mind is the anticipated client base, convenience, and accessibility. To be on the safe side, you should find somewhere that is accessible by foot, car, or public transport. You should also get the right equipment. Other basic equipment include:

  • Dumbbell and racks
  • Deadlift mats
  • Squats racks
  • Bench press
  • Rowing machines
  • Bikes

The insurance also matters. While you may be tempted to go for off-the-mill business insurance, business liability is the best. If you’re investing in expensive equipment, you may want to consider a separate policy.

You should also hire wisely. For instance, you can get multiple in-house trainers that offer guidance. If you bring them in as personal contractors, you should make sure they are insured.

FL Drone Business

Drone rentals

If you want to make good money in your Florida business, you can take advantage of drone technologies. The federal association in Florida offers drone flight classes, so this technology is shooting up like nothing else. You can rent your drones to offer services like:

  • Mapping lands for surveying
  • Construction site productivity
  • Use of thermal imaging
  • Real estate litigation
  • GIS mapping
  • Marketing businesses
  • Selling property
gluten-free Florida Business

Selling gluten-free products

Most traders in Florida are selling vegan and raw foodstuffs. While some owners have reported that their business has grown by double digits, it takes time to encourage them to come back. With some patience and genuine marketing tactics, you can attract customers and make handsome returns.

For this Florida business to thrive, you must show your customers that you care. You could also partner with an established gluten-free market.

FL virtual reality business

Virtual reality

The realm of virtual reality is booming and is showing no signs of slowing down. Once you venture into this Florida business, you should provide full-stack solutions and software development services that align with the existing devices/platforms. Of course, your focus should be to help businesses gain a competitive advantage.

While virtual reality has a long way to go, it leaves openings for many local industries. Unlike traditional training methods, VR is becoming more expensive.

survey business in Florida

Online survey

If you’re looking for ways of earning a decent income, you can start an online survey job. You just give opinions on specific products and services.

Florida Social media consultant

Social media consultant

Since social media has taken over the business landscape, you can become a great consultant. But the main reason why social media is a top Florida business is that it has replaced other marketing outlets like radio stations, newspapers, and billboards.

As a social media consultant, you must know the tactics to influence potential customers. Besides that, you should understand how to use social media channels to market products and services.

A consultant also helps others improve their presence on platforms like:

That’s not all – you can provide a strategy to build product awareness, increase business development, handle reputation management, and develop a marketing campaign.

To start a social media consulting business, you should follow these steps:

  • Acquire the necessary skills
  • Find local business as the first client
  • Determine your financial policies
  • Choose your niche
  • Hire the right people
  • Obtain financing if necessary
Florida bookkeeping business


If you have expertise in accounting and bookkeeping, you can start a business to help people with accounts and tax submissions. My accountant is one of the top Palm Beach CPA firm owners. Besides, a bookkeeping Florida business can help with things like preparing tax returns, managing income and expenses, and processing payrolls. Some of the key steps to becoming a serious bookkeeper are:

  • Becoming a certified bookkeeper – apart from CPA, you must have the right skills required for bookkeeping.
  • Creating a business plan – just like any other business venture, you need a business plan to obtain the necessary funding for your business. It will tell you how best to market your products/services, and you’ll know your competitors.
  • Selecting a business name and structure – you can use a term with an established brand or select a business structure.
  • Set up business operations – hire an answering service, set up a business bank account, establish a business mailing address, and get bookkeeper insurance.
  • Accounting software – no matter the accounting software you choose, you should make sure you have the programs to get the job done.
  • Fund the bookkeeping Florida business
Florida credit consultant

Credit consultant

A credit consultant helps business owners get rid of bad debts and make negotiations in rates. If you choose credit consultancy in your Florida business, you may want to check with the local government for things like certifications, licenses, and insurance.

The first step is to get your credit report. Generally speaking, Florida State requires that you get a copy of your credit once a year. The next course of action is to study the industry. You can also contact the local bank to know more about free workshops. Speaking with other experts can help you gain knowledge about business operations.

The most important thing you can do to make your Florida business thrive is building a network. You can ask for a letter of recommendation from family and friends. While a word of mouth may be the best way to advertise yourself, you could also go for counseling classes.

If you want to build trust with your clients, you must be honest in your operations. This will not only improve your credibility but also boosts your business opportunities.

Florida Pet Business

Pet business

Are you comfortable with pets? If yes, you can take care of pets when the owners are away. In Florida, homeowners love to pamper their pets with designer clothes, toys, and other accessories, so you can venture into pet couture. You only need a little investment to get started.

If you look at the statistics, the figures will amaze you. For instance, in 2019 the pet industry made more than 19 billion. This explains why most Florida businesses that specialize in pets continue to enjoy the benefits. Some of the profitable pet businesses include:

  • Boarding kennels
  • Pet supplies direct sales
  • Dog training
  • Dog walking
  • Pet care services franchises

Without a doubt, people love pets and will do everything they can to ensure they get a happy life. This is a promising business and you can start making money to reap rewards in the long-run.

Aquarium maintenance business

Aquarium maintenance business

People in Florida are crazy about pets and will do anything to make them happy. True fish lovers will keep their fish tanks in prime condition week after week. If you start an aquarium maintenance business, you can help fish lovers keep away parasites, algae, and bacteria.

Because each aquarium is unique, there are many challenges to overcome – invasive pets, heavy metal particles, etc. To ensure you have a good clientele base for your Florida business, you should provide affordable packages. Other services you can include in your business include:

  • Fish tank cleaning
  • Aquarium system upgrades
  • Mechanical component troubleshooting
  • New fish introduction
  • Invasive pets
  • 24-hour leak repairs
  • Lighting issues
Florida SEO business
Rear view of two worker wearing formal suit and kneeling on the start line to compete

SEO for local businesses

If you have a good understanding of SEO, you can generate good income by helping other Florida businesses earn a spot on the search engines. It’s estimated that nearly 60% of clicks happen on Google, so offering SEO services can help you earn handsome returns.

SEO local consultants will help you optimize local directories and build business citations. Your SEO services should help businesses engage customers, increase marketing ROI, and grab the attention of mobile users. The other services you should offer Florida businesses are:

  • Building websites link profile
  • Harnessing your social media strategy
  • Creating a content strategy
  • On-page copy
  • Competitor review
  • Evaluating a website
FL microbrewery


Microbrewery business is in high demand in the state of Florida. But before you venture into the business, you must have a clear vision of what competitors offer. This will increase your chance of getting the best rate.

Do you have what it takes? There’s a lot that goes into the business rather than just drinking beer. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself spending most of your time managing the books, customers, vendors, and more.

If you want to become a successful brewer, you must have the necessary training and education. In addition to that, there are many startup costs to consider. Depending on the size of the operation, some of the key things to include in your budget are:

  • Licensing and permits
  • Equipment
  • Kettles
  • Utilities
  • Electronic equipment
  • Software and services
  • Furniture

If you can manage to sell a specific brand of craft beer, you can make a fortune.

FL travel Business

Travel business

If you can start a travel business in Florida, you should expect to make big profits at the end of the year. What makes travel a great Florida business is that the state receives thousands of tourists every year. As a seller of travel, you’ll be offering tourism-related services to individuals, groups, or companies.

To get started, you need proof of assurance (in terms of bonds) and documents submission fee.

selling jewelry in Florida

Selling jewelry

If you find a suitable niche in Florida, you can sell precious metals and stones. You can specialize in diamond rings, engagement rings, earrings, etc.

Florida cleaning business

Cleaning business

The high demand for cleaning services cannot be underestimated in Florida. They are needed in homes, hotels, businesses, and other areas. But you have to do a lot of work to earn significant profits.

First, you should consider the overhead costs of renting an office and working on the storage space. And just like any other Florida business, you must start with a business plan. This is where you include things like:

  • Names and goals for your business
  • Marketing strategies you plan to use
  • Earnings that you expect to make

A successful Florida business will assess the plan and make the necessary adjustments. Another benefit of having a business plan in place is that you’ll know where to get financing.

The state of Florida requires that you register your Florida business through the department of revenue. You may want to check with the county government if additional permits are needed. Once you register a cleaning business, you can operate it as a partnership, limited liability company, or a sole proprietor.

You also need a license to operate your cleaning business. Don’t forget to buy equipment for dusting surfaces, vacuuming carpets, emptying trash cans, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

Florida Youth Hostel

Youth hostels

While most young people love to travel, they work with a tight budget. A youth hostel can be a worthwhile investment if you market it well on the internet.

Now you know the best Florida businesses you can start and get good returns. To maximize the profits, you should ensure your business is visible on the web.